Acquire trademarks Stealth Assassins in Japan; Capcom trademarks Darkstalkers

The latest notable trademarks from Japan.

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SaiyanFury48d ago

Pleeeeease be a new Tenchu, but have a better system than T4, please?

Bathyj48d ago

Oh my god oh my god oh my god.

starchild48d ago

Holy crap, I hope this means that a new Tenchu game is planned. But some things make me think it won't be Tenchu specifically but rather a game in the same vein as Tenchu. From Software owns the Tenchu IP and they seem to have decided to go with Sekiro rather than an actual Tenchu game.

I kind of think that Acquire saw how excited people were for Ghost of Tsushima and how well it was received (and to a certain extent how well Nioh and Sekiro were received) and decided that they should make a new Tenchu-like game and decided to trademark the name Stealth Assassins since that's the closest they'll get to Tenchu in terms of association.

I would love to see the specific world and characters of Tenchu make a return, but if we can get a very similar game made by Acquire, similar to what they did with the Shinobido series I'm all for it.

I'm also very curious what Capcom's trademarking of "Darkstalkers" could mean. They were likewise involved in the development of some Tenchu games and maybe they want to create a spiritual successor too.

This is certainly very exciting news for Tenchu fans. I love the recent feudal Japan games, but none of them truly scratch that unique stealth itch that the Tenchu series had. Nioh is combat oriented and while Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima both offer the option of stealth it isn't the focus in either game. I would love to see a Tenchu-like game with deep and challenging stealth gameplay.

starchild48d ago

Nevermind about the Darkstalkers thing. I forgot that it is just a 2d fighting series.

In any case, I really hope Acquire is working on a Tenchu spiritual successor. I also wish From Software would make an actual Tenchu game. I love the series so much.

boing148d ago

Acquire is a great studio. Hopefully it's something legit. Loved Tenchu series.