A friendly neighborhood Spider-Man lends a helping hand to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in 2021

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get a helping hand from a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in 2021.

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THC CELL50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Ouch this might hurt

Amazing Cant wait to play the best hero on the game
And marvel universe

LegoIsAwesome50d ago

Now: "Spidey playable exclusively on ps4 is unfair!!"

IF Spidey became playable in PC and Xbox : "Spiderman PS4 must be coming to PC!!"

THC CELL50d ago

But Phil not a fan of exclusive so you must accept that or believe it

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gamer780450d ago

Respectfully disagree, the spider movies are awful

50d ago
Doggy12350d ago

To be honest he is my least favourite hero

Games1st50d ago

I respectfully disagree with that disagree

RazzerRedux49d ago


I agree with your disagree of that disagree. um....respectfully

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CaptainHenry91650d ago (Edited 50d ago )

It will hurt the Xbox fanboys

GamerRN50d ago

One character in a game that likely isn't going to be very good? The game has a ton of controversy already with not looking like the movie characters and terrible graphics...

Always good to have an extra character though

CaptainHenry91649d ago

It's not just that though. This will help the PS5 to sell more units. There's a lot of Spider-Man fans out there

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TGGJustin50d ago

Oh boy people are going to be upset. I'm just glad that Spider-Man is confirmed now as he's the one I want to play as most.

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Imalwaysright50d ago (Edited 50d ago )


Sony doesn't own the rights to the movies or they don't technically own them. The rights to the movies (and merchandising) were licensed to them by Marvel in the late 90s. I said that Sony doesn't technically own the rights to the movies because the license is perpetual for as long as Sony makes a Spider man movie every 6 or so years. Due to that condition the rights to the movies might as well be considered their property.

StoneyYoshi50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Sony has the licensing rights to Spider Man movies and games. Disney has the rights to everything else marvel has. So in regards to who owns what. Sony OWNS anything they have made with Spider Man in it. But if marvel wants to put Spider Man into a game/movie of their own, Sony gets to say yes or no and they get a percentage of the movie/game that Spider Man is featured in.

Imalwaysright50d ago (Edited 50d ago )


"Sony OWNS anything they have made with Spider Man in it"

No, they don't. A license isn't the same as owning the property. Like you said Sony has a license that allows them full creative freedom to make Spider man movies. A license that is perpetual with the condition that they make a Spider man movie every 6 years but the IP and everything associated with it is owned by Disney.

If Sony failed to meet this condition they would lose the license and the movies would have property in them that is not theirs wich means that they couldn't do anything commercially with them so no, Sony doesn't own everything they made with Spider Man in it. This is the reason why Activision can't keep selling the Spider Man games they made. The license they had to make Spider man games expired and since they contain property that isn't theirs, commercially they can't do anything with them. For them to keep selling the games, they would have to remove everything that isn't their property from them but then they wouldn't be Spider man games would they?

As for Sony having a license to Spider man games, it's possible that they do but since I don't know if they do or not, I will not say anything about it.

RazzerRedux50d ago

Why are we pretending to know what licenses Sony has or doesn't have with regard to Spider-Man? I've seen nothing that indicates anything in this regard.

1Victor50d ago

🤦🏿 I’m always right 🤯 🤷🏿 😂
@stoney Disney own Spider-Man Sony only own the rights for movies
As of now it looks like Disney wants to keep Spider-Man games exclusive to PlayStation could it been part of the deal to let him into the MCU who knows but the people that signed the contract. I don’t put it pass Disney to offer Sony the games as long as they let Spider-Man in the MCU, Sony would take such a deal with a smirk 😏

Imalwaysright49d ago


I'm not pretending anything. The licensing deal between Sony and Marvel regarding Spider man movies is common knowledge.

RazzerRedux49d ago

Oops. That response wasn't meant for you. No, I agree with pretty much everything you said.

ShadowWolf71249d ago

Sony literally OWNS the film rights, fam. They hold the LICENSE for the games (to what extent? We don't know) but the film rights are legally theirs. Period.

Imalwaysright49d ago


Definition of license: To license a person or activity means to give official permission for the person to do something or for the activity to take place https://www.collinsdictiona...

So no, Sony doesn't own the rights to the movies. What Sony has is a license that gives them permission to control and have creative freedom over Spider man movies however like I said above the rights might as well be considered to be theirs due to the condition I also mentioned above.

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blackblades50d ago

They have no reason to be upset, they chose the console they wanna play on. Most of these fools just want something to B about.

Games1st50d ago

Other characters look so bad, Spider-Man at least has a mask, so they can't fuck it up too much.

CorndogBurglar49d ago


If Sony owns the video game rights then why is Spider-Man in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and countless non-Sony mobile games?

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RazzerRedux50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

"We can’t wait for you to add Spider-Man to your Marvel’s Avengers roster in early 2021, and as we’ve promised before, he will be available at no additional cost to owners of the base game, exclusively on PlayStation."

Hmmmm. Let's just thrown in another wrinkle to the Spider-Man IP mystery, shall we?

IRetrouk50d ago

I think it's just a deal, it could even be timed, cd are doing their own version of spidey, he may end up on other platforms after, Sony dont really have too much say on the character outside of their movies and their new game deal obviously, put it this way, I wouldnt be shocked if after 6 months or so this gets announced for the other platforms. Only reason I'm thinking this is because they are using their own spidey over the insomniac version.

RazzerRedux50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

You may be right. But this is still odd. So Sony made a deal with CD to have a character, that neither of them own, be exclusive to PS? And we really don't know the details regarding the deal between Sony and Disney/Marvel as far as Spider-Man goes. Just seems like we don't know more than we a long shot.

I don't know, man. My spidey sense is tingling.

IRetrouk50d ago

Honestly it's just a guess, all I know for sure is spidey is in another game after ps4 spidey released, also the fact that cd are allowed to make their own version of spidey also points to sony having no real say on the character when it comes to gaming(other than their own game universe ofcourse), it honestly feels like a deal was made between sony and marvel/disney for the exclusive.

elazz50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I think the movie deal with Disney does consist that Sony will be the prime partner on Spider-Man related game content unless they would pass on it. It's probably an agreement that is build around 100s of pages of legal docs so it's hard to know the exact thing.

RazzerRedux50d ago

That's the thing I keep thinking about: this continuous carousel relationship between Marvel and Sony across both mediums when it comes to Spider-Man. It was just last year that Sony was ready to yank Spider-Man from the MCU because the two sides couldn't come to an agreement. Can anyone definitely say that the video game rights was never thrown into the negotiations? Like you said, there is a lawyered up book of a document somewhere deep in the top secret document vaults of both companies that explain everything. We are all on the outside making our best guesses, but still just guesses.

jukins50d ago

Yea they probably get first offers. Especially given how succesful thebps4 game and recent spiderman movies have been.

crazyCoconuts50d ago

I think to make it fair to Xbox owners, Ms. Marvel should be made exclusive to Xbox.

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ShadowWolf71249d ago

She's a core character. She can't be exclusive.

jukins50d ago

It's simple really. . .Spiderman, atm, is synonymous with ps4. Either sony reached out to marvel to secure a deal or marvel hit sony first and offered them exclusivity as a courtesy for many reasons spiderman ps4 success, marvel/ sony working together in film etc. .

morganfell50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Well...after the attacks I received for stating that Sony had the rights and a multiplatform appearance would require their agreement this news is as I wrote. And the attacks were not from you Razzer. You were quite decent about it so thank you for that. This is my first chance to respond as I was out earlier and could only see the accusations in the other thread. You asked how I knew. The answer? Logic. You do not sign an exclusivity deal without it being exclusive. Otherwise what is the point? I also seriously doubt the deal was only for one game, or even two if you consider Miles Morales. It was simple logical deduction that Sony would have signed a multigame exclusivity rights deal that included first right of renegotiation.

This also may have very well been part of the movie deal in some manner or even part of the negotiations that saw him temporarily appear in the Avengers cinematic universe. If you think about it Sony was given very little benefit from Marvel versus what Marvel received by having Parker in the Avengers movies.

morganfell50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

The most likely scenario is that Sony has the game rights for Spider-Man and paid Square Enix to put him in the game. This payment may have been in money, and or advertising of the title on the PS store or in other promotional methods, or as part of a larger agreement with SE. It doesn't seem realistic, probable, or likely legal that SE thru CD licensed him to Sony.

gamer780450d ago

2021? I’ll be finished with the game by then but I guess it’s free

CorndogBurglar49d ago

It went like this. Marvel approached Sony to make an exclusive Spider-Man game and gave them free reign to use whatever studio they wanted.

Sony approached Insomniac to make the game.

Its just a partnership. Spidey has appeared in many non-Sony games including Lego Marvel 1 and 2, Ultimate Alliance 3, and countless non-sony mobile games.

The movie deal that happened last year was an agreement that Marvel could use Spidey in the MCU for two more movies, one solo Spider-Man game and one collaboration movie like Avengers or something along those lines.

Isnit possible Marvel could have offered Sony the video game rights to do that? Yeah. But its highly unlikely they would give Sony the video game rights and only get 2 more movies out of the deal.

All signs point to Marvel owning the video game rights.

RazzerRedux49d ago

Sony delivered the first truly successful Spider-Man game in many years so I'm not ruling out the possibility that Marvel/Disney were willing to give more control to Sony in that space as part of their larger negotiations. All those games you mentioned were prior to those negotiations last year. Now we have the first instance of a game utilizing Spider-Man prior to those events and PS gets exclusivity to Spider-Man? How does Sony negotiate that with CD? Either Marvel gave Sony their blessing to make that deal with CD or Sony didn't need Marvel's blessing at all. Again, this is all just theorizing and speculation, but seems to me that the relationship has evolved since Insomniac choose to take Spider-Man as their Marvel character.

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XxSPIDEYxX50d ago

YES! Confirmed from the horses mouth! Guess they weren't going to wait for the State of Play since the leak.

-Foxtrot50d ago

I really don't think this is the type of game where you need exclusive content

I mean there doesn't seem to be as much hype compared to the most of the other games this year so you'd want to put out all you have.

ThereGoThatManQ50d ago

Sony most likely paid for this to happen.

Also we don’t know the full game structure or how they are proceeding with future content

ThereGoThatManQ50d ago

lol nice downvote dude always a class act

--Onilink--50d ago

I dont understand why any normal person would disagree with what you said, let alone that many disagrees.

Its exclusive content, OF COURSE Sony paid for it. Thats how any exclusivity works. Even putting in a picture of a game in the ps4 or Xbox dashboard involves a monetary deal.

ThereGoThatManQ50d ago

Any talk against their way of thinking is considered bad for them.

Just toxic community coming through

jukins50d ago

Oh for sure. They want to limit spidermans appearance on other gaming platforms as much as possible

50d ago
MonsterChef50d ago

I think they're down voting you because you mentioned that Sony paid for this content when in reality they probably didn't have to pay a dime since they have a deal with Disney in regards to The Spider-Man IP..

--Onilink--50d ago


Why would that deal have anything to do with this? They are not the developers or the game. They cannot force Crystal Dynamics to include him in the game, much less when actually thinking that this isnt just magically introducing spiderman, it requires artists, coders + many more people to actually create the character in the game.

So of course Sony is paying Crystal Dynamics to have him included in the game as an exclusive

morganfell50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

"So of course Sony is paying Crystal Dynamics to have him included in the game as an exclusive"

This is the most likely scenario. And that scenario is that Sony has the video game licensing rights and paid SE, the parent of CD, to put him in the game. That payment may have been cash or a combination of advertisement and cash or an agreement with SE that was part of a larger deal. For all we know the deal could have been a footnote of Project Athia.

ThereGoThatManQ49d ago

@morgan and @oni

thank you guys lol I have been on PS side since ps1 so i have no ill will against them i was just thinking logically especially with how big Spidey is getting.

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TheColbertinator50d ago


Perhaps taking advantage of the name. Marvel is hot property right now including Spiderman.

Maybe Sony did some sleazy shady deal in which they wanted Spiderman for themselves to annoy gamers,

50d ago
MonsterChef50d ago

Or maybe.. Just maybe @TheColbertinator.. Sony is keeping a more hands on approach to the IP of Spiderman that they have say in since they have a deal with Disney. Keep in mind how much Sony has invested in the IP at the moment..they have just released both a stellar game and a movie and don't want to muddy the water.. But why do you care your issues should be with Phill and his sentiments towards exclusives as exclusives clearly matter for you because you're over here B-ing and moaning.

Shaggy230449d ago (Edited 49d ago )


True, but how did Spidey appear in the Marvel game that's exclusive to the Switch?

Personally I'm not bothered as I won't be getting this game anyway, I just find it weird that the Spidey character can be exclusive to the PS4 in one game but not another.

MonsterChef49d ago

@Shaggy2304 I think it's wise to remember that that game for the switch came out before the whole Sony and Disney dispute where Sony initially yanked Spiderman from the MCU. From insiders it was the result of Disney trying to get more ownership and revenue of the IP while making Sony pay more for filming. Well where I'm getting at is that Sony walked away from the deal with more control of the IP then they initially had and so it seems they're leveraging that control now. Be mindful that that contract between Sony and Disney is by far more complex than anybody can claim to know.

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