Polybius Creator Jeff Minter Returns to VR with Moose Life

The master of psychedelic trance shooters is back with another next week.

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darthv7250d ago

He had a game called space giraffe so now the moose one seems rather fitting. I'd love a tempest 5000 or he could do a play on words with jumping ahead with Tempest 8K

0rbital7150d ago

its what VR was made for MMmmMoooooOOOOOOOSSSee!

xTonyMontana50d ago

Looks trippy, I'll buy it just so I can say I didn't choose the moose life, the moose life chose me.

PSX-9449d ago

I love Polybius VR for PSVR, I'd buy a physical copy of Moose Life for PSVR also if it's in the works.