The Resident Evil Series Has Now Sold 100 Million Copies Worldwide

Resident Evil is one of the most popular franchises in gaming, and that is reflected in its latest total sales numbers.

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FallenAngel198458d ago

Shame that all of its major competitors have died off

eddieistheillest58d ago

Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, Alone in the Dark, Fear Effect, Clock Tower, Fatal Frame... :(

Sunny_D58d ago

Damn, I really wish for Japanese games to be revived at the same level they used to be in the PS1 and PS2 days.

Ninver58d ago

All good things must come to an end. Just the ways of the universe I guess.

GreatSako202058d ago

Sucks that GTAV sold more copies than all RE titles combined. People's taste is really wierd.

Chocoburger58d ago

I literally had the same thought. 100 million is a pretty good number, but GTA V on its own has completely toppled this long-running franchise! Insane to imagine that.

ZeekQuattro58d ago

This is old news. Capcom celebrated this accolade this past June.

SamTheGamer58d ago

Out of 100 Million copies 10 copies are mine 🥰

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