PaleMoonDeath1451d ago

With the recent Silent Hill buzz.. maybe, just maybe. Thoughts?

I_am_Batman1451d ago

No major PS5 announcements planned.

b163o11451d ago

Hopefully we get the break down we've been anticipating, or actually get to see the system boot up to get an idea of its true speed. If not I'd just as happy to see some new games....

bouzebbal1451d ago

We've got enough last event

SullysCigar1451d ago

I'm honestly fine with that. PS4 has me covered with constant pancake and VR releases!

I'm sure a PS5-centric event will follow in the coming weeks, but I'm getting it day one, so any new info is just gravy!

PaleMoonDeath1451d ago

Then there isn't much reason for me to watch personally, I didn't get my fill with the PS5 event however excited I am, I feel done after finishing Ghost. Konami just made a Silent Hill twitter etc and are teasing hardcore.. I hope this is just a way to ensure a surprise, otherwise I have no reason to watch.

-Foxtrot1451d ago

I'm hoping at least ONE small thing, like at the very end of the show

FlavorLav011451d ago

Everything going forward for PS4 game-wise will be cross-gen and likely optimized for PS5, so I’d see upcoming game announcements as PS5 news as well, if I’m not mistaken?

telekineticmantis1451d ago

They are too overconfident if they think they can have us wait this long and only have one show with PS5 announcements this late in the year.

Sitdown1451d ago

And still, I expect for some PS5 news to come. Perhaps it's just my trigger finger itching to preorder.

Marquinho1451d ago

We need to know the price.

umair_s511450d ago

Expect this show to be lackluster.

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neomahi1451d ago

Well, rumor has it that Sony bought the IP from Konami and this is a focus on third-party development. Sony first-party developers are moving onto or have been working on PS5 games, Ghost of Tsushima was PS4's final major game. So, if rumors are true then nope.

1451d ago
BigBosss1451d ago

No PS5 announcements?! We are in August, their has to be some sort of announcements like "Price and reveal date of the console".

I_am_Batman1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Sony probably don't want to use State of Play for major announcements like this. We might get another PS5 centered event later this month. I don't see them sitting on this info for much longer if they wanna launch before December. They probably should get it out by September and start collecting preorders.

DigitallyAfflicted1451d ago

My guess is we will see one more big announcement with price and date. Probably as soon as Microsoft will spill the beans on Xbox pricing

BigBosss1451d ago

Actually you are right, because Sony wants to wait for Microsoft to announce the date and price for the Series X

I_am_Batman1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

@DigitallyAfflicted &Bigbosss:

Makes sense. If the Xbox showcase was stronger, Sony might have felt more pressure to announce something big to steal some of the thunder. As it stands though, Microsoft's showcase didn't really move the needle and in some ways actually damaged the Series X hype. I can see why Sony would want to wait this one out and see what Microsoft does next, before making their next move.

blackblades1451d ago

Probably September, its like news every month. Isn't TGS suppose to be next month as well so I say early next month. Also these rumors of dates were right.

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VenomUK1451d ago

The new-gen is almost here and Sony is still making a big show to support the current-gen. It’s one of the reasons it’s consoles keep selling for years after being superseded and helps nurture brand loyalty.

monkey6021451d ago

There is that rumour floating around for the 10th of August including a full time slot breakdown of announcements.

I guess it'll be a bit later in the month now at least with this happening

Atom6661451d ago

The 4chan one?

Got to stop with some of these rumors and "leaks." Anytime they come out and are woefully wrong, we see the "insiders" just turn around and say "plans changed" or some nonsense.

99% of them are lonely dudes just looking for attention who just put out unverified wishlists to stir up the hive.

monkey6021451d ago

Is that where it came from? I'm not sure. I dont usually pay much attention to any of them to be fair.
There is one guy who has been fairly on the ball lately though.
Also the Silent Hill on PS5 rumour has been surfacing too much and a lot seems to be happening coincidentally for it to amount to nothing

Atom6661451d ago

With these events now being digital only, I wouldn't be surprised if both already have the price and date videos ready to release. Just playing the waiting game.

Probably 3 of the most memorable E3 moments of all time involved Sony price reveals. The $399 PS4 cheers, the $599 U.S. dollars facepalm, and the infamous $299 mic drop. More than anyone else, they know how important that price reveal will be.

CobraKai1451d ago

Yeah. Normally we’d get a reveal in the summer E3 event. Give a guy some time to save some cash, but they’ve been playing this price game too close to the chest. I’m already keeping my price expectations reasonably high for a console at $600

Sony, at this point, doesn’t need to wait for MS. MS is sending the message out that you don’t really need a Series X to play Next Gen MS games. Even with all it’s power, you can build a more powerful PC and have Game Pass

conanlifts1450d ago

Yes. Just let me preorder the console.

LoveSpuds1450d ago

How about this?

They show some cool VR stuff, a few other PS4 bits 'n bobs and then give us an update on one or two PS5 games and then, just before the curtain drops, they announce a PS5 show for later in the month?

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RaidenBlack1451d ago

3rd party PS4 and updates on already announced 3rd party PS5 titles.
Nothing on hardware front.
Hmm ... not the kind of State of Play the rumors were indicating.
Still ... a new State of Play is always cool to have.