Microsoft Removes Optimized For Xbox Series X Logo From Box Art

Microsoft has removed the logo for Xbox Series X optimization from the box art. This has been confirmed by analyst Daniel Ahmad who shared the updated box art.

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mastaleep46d ago

It should be in the front, but smaller.

porkChop46d ago

It should just be a banner at the top or bottom.

45d ago
porkChop45d ago

I agree, it's unnecessary. I just mean if they *have* to have it then make it something small and out of the way.

itsfunkky45d ago

nah remove that false advertisement...

King_Noctis45d ago

Why is it false advertisement? You can't pop an Xbox One disc into an Xbox SX and play the upgrade version?

Tacoboto45d ago

It already has the Xbox logo, the Xbox One platform name, and the Series X name. Another logo that has the name embedded in it was just bad design

rainslacker45d ago

I always though a talking bobble head of aaron greenburg on each copy.

But i suppose a sticker or something on the front is less annoying

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darthv7245d ago

That eye catching logo was just too big. Glad they moved the info to the back instead. I usually like to flip cases over to see the fine print and if it says optimized for SX on the back... im good with that.

Agent_00_Revan45d ago

Good. It did not need that giant logo on the front. Something smaller on the back works just fine.

ElementX45d ago

It was hideous, I'm glad it's gone. I may not buy physical games, but I do like to look at box art

adamwparker45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series (future lockhart?)...

It's a good move. It's already getting into being a little confusing for some general population when you list all of these consoles on the box or compatible in their own way.

Kavorklestein45d ago

Ps4, Ps4 Pro, Ps5, Ps5 Digital. 5 types of Xbox, 4 types of Playstation. Such a HUGE task to remember what is what!
Oh noes! The difficulty is too much!
C'mon if people can keep track of 5 kinds of iPhone and decide which one they want, then surely it isn't gonna be that hard for a person to know which console they want to get based on the specs.

If people can keep track of PC parts and specs, and TV models and specs, and Cars and their Trim levels and features, then all I have to say is you are clearly making a stink about nothing.

dumahim45d ago

you're reaching by adding the digital version when it is no different than the disc PS5 and then ignoring the Xbox One S all-digital version.

Gamble2045d ago

Lol you are calling PS5 Digital a different “type” of console? You know it isn’t you just wanted to make it sound like MS didn’t have that much more than Sony. Besides, the numeric naming convention Sony uses is easier for the non-gamer consumer to understand anyway. They didn’t just twist around the usage of the letter X.

InUrFoxHole45d ago

Agreed. I can see the older population getting confused by this

Starman6945d ago

Maybe they can go bk to watching the antiques road show lol 😂

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