Gamer 2.0: Animal Crossing: City Folk Review

After being asked by disappointed and puzzled Nintendo fans about the lack of traditional video games that cater to the hardcore gamers, Reggie Fils-Aime replied with, "Well, there's Animal Crossing." That being said, Animal Crossing: City Folk is supposedly this year's killer-app title for the wildly popular Wii. The game's style should appeal to younger gamers and those who have never got into the series before, but unfortunately for Nintendo, other than a briefly refreshing experience, City Folk doesn't do much to differentiate itself from the previous two Animal Crossing experiences. In short, it a disappointment to the more hardcore fans of the franchise. However, this is a solid entry for gamers that have yet to indulge in the Animal Crossing experience.

Gameplay: 8
Visuals: 7
Audio: 7
Value: 7
Quality: 8

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wiizy4242d ago

im def enjoying this game.