Microsoft Won't Back Down From Japan Console Race

The industry may be envious of the Wii's popularity with the non-gamer market, but Moore says that he has nothing to envy about Sony's current offering. "The PS3, I really don't know what I would look at there that we're really missing," said Moore, while pointing out that he's very confident in Xbox 360's software portfolio and Xbox Live service. "The online service, [Sony's] still trying to get it up to speed and there's nothing really there that I can really point to that I wish we had. You know, certainly the price point of the PS3 isn't something that I want to emulate."

Microsoft is enjoying Xbox solid success most of its territories, and Moore is not anticipating any change in leadership a year from now. "Obviously we have the intent to grow the lead we have. The attach rate is very important as well and making sure people are buying lots of games for their console. The rate of 5.1 here in America is very, very healthy," he said "I think if we sat here a year from now we'd be able to say, we took advantage of the critical mass we got, there are more games being made than ever for the Xbox 360."

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no_more_heroes4910d ago

Microsoft is determined to take over something. You know whats gonna come next right?

bilal4909d ago

i think they are trying and they should continue to push for japanese market........its important for them because japanese market is not just about the japanese people who bought the system its also about the japanese developer support which is important all around

MoonDust4909d ago

Some cool games and they should get some fans.

dissectionalrr4909d ago

frankly i don't really give a damn how microsoft does in japan. i don't live in japan or own microsoft stock. i also happen to despise "japanese" style video games. spiky haired kid saving the world from impending doom, cooking simulators, dating games, not my style. i prefer western style shooters and racing/sports games. that is the only reason i prefer x360 over ps3. well that and live, but that's a given. then again i am american, so it only makes sense....

Boink4909d ago

I'm not a huge fan of japanese games, but some are pretty good.

just keep putting out the games they want, and they will come.

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The story is too old to be commented.