Xbox Series X Pre-Orders to Open Soon According to Telstra

According to Australian ISP and mobile operator Telstra, Xbox Series X pre-orders will be opening soon, after they sent out an SMS message early this week informing those signed up for notifications.

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Marquinho55d ago

Probably. Looks like we're finally getting prices in August.

I'll try to get one before they they are swept off the virtual shelves.

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NeoGamer23254d ago

LOL. Given that we are three months away from console launch I would expect pre-orders to open "soon".

I am surprised neither companies have opened pre-orders yet.

That means they have more information to show or they do not know how many consoles they will have available at launch for certain yet because of COVID.

DJStotty55d ago

My wallet is ready, hit me with it!!!

RosweeSon55d ago

Year 2-3 for me. Might dabble the launch batch through my phone but yeah not doing it for me yet plus I can see another console within 12 months 18 max, it’s called series after all (more power for the next gen games) or I can just grab a cheaper current gen model. Defo happy to wait this one out. Launch model just seems for the fans for me as doesn’t seem necessary when can just continue to use current system at least until launch periods been and gone and then consider upgrading. Don’t own a current Xbox tho 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 has an s for 4 months and did buy the cyberpunk x bundle but sold it just before the show don’t regret it other than they discontinued it days later and is prob best way to play the launch games without going all out on a new console. We shall see but yeah not holding my breath. Grounded the very little I’ve seen of it looks brilliant but someone said was Grindy so that’s immediately put me off but I’d still give it a chance.

zerogotit55d ago

Nice way to say you're not going to buy an Xbox at all

RosweeSon55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Zerogotit currently absolutely no. Forever not at all. Jump to conclusions elsewhere. I still own a 360 if I really wanna play a halo or a forza or a gears. I’m saying I’m not buying a console on launch when I could get a cheaper current gen model anyway when within a year 18 months max new consoles and I’m not talking slums which they all do a brand new bigger better console so for me day1 currently pointless don’t like the games enough and the console seems pointless to me I can happily wait it out.

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BrainSyphoned55d ago ShowReplies(2)
danny81855d ago

Its baffling to me how we are looking to start next gen this holiday season. August is here and we still gone have pricing on next gen consoles. Assuming its the traditional release date of November-ish. a little over 3 months out at this point in time. We typically got it in June lol Release date and pricing

Sitdown55d ago

Not baffling, it's well documented that Microsoft wants to come in lower, so they are willing to wait. People who want either or both probably have a good estimate of how much to stash.

danny81855d ago

right. Im referring to accolading proper time for customers, and investors. Im sure the economics ask for time for announcements like these too occur.

HyperMoused54d ago

i think most people dont care too much, we have the expected rough price point, unless its insanley over that people who want one will get one especially the first wave as im sure there will be limited numbers just like last gen.

danny81854d ago

thats true my concern is mining on on my pre order. im checking daily for a price point as most major retailers open pre orders once prices for either consoles are confirmed

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The story is too old to be commented.