Chinese games will force players to use their real names

For years, the Chinese government has been trying to stop kids from playing too many video games. Now anyone wanting to play a game must log in with their real names, thanks to a state-run authentication system set to be rolled out by September.

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lodossrage59d ago

oh the privacy concerns this will bring......

58d ago
xTonyMontana58d ago

If you live in China, you have no privacy.

kreate58d ago

Privacy concerns.... In China ..... U must live a very good life if privacy is the main thing ur concerned about.

pinkcrocodile7557d ago

All I can say is that the communist gold standard is 100million corpses.

I'll never trust a communist or use their game servers.

specialguest58d ago

In China there's a social score system in place now and it utilizes cameras with face detection everywhere. People get publicly shamed on public billboards when they don't meet the required score. There's government officials going around and keeping tabs. All kinds of negative unfair crap results from a bad score. Think of it sort of like the bubble system on N4G way back, but worse. Living the kind of life you want becomes harder as you're forced to conform or get left behind

Sunny1234558d ago

Full of chins and lees, so china is covered.

glennhkboy58d ago

In China, privacy is a crime. You need your real ID for online payment, take a long range bus, etc.

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locomorales58d ago

I think everything someone do/did in Internet should be linked to the real persona behind it.

Privacy is a concern if your data leaked, but been anonymous is just an highway to crimes.

Free speech is not an excuse to commit crimes over internet without consequences. More countries should follow China lead and try to put some order over wild west Internet.

SegaGamer58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

You first then, ask the mods to change your account name to your real name.

The last thing any country should do is follow China, they treat their people like ****.

lodossrage58d ago

@Sega Gamer


If he (or anyone) is ok with this, then THAT person should have THEIR real name(s) shown. Are you willing to expose you real name for all of us to have locomorales?

HyperMoused58d ago

10000% true and while hes at it, change that cat pic to his real face

lodossrage58d ago

Free Speech isn't an excuse to commit crimes. You're right there.

However, a select few people's criminal actions are no excuse to expose and put EVERYONE's privacy and safety at risk either.

And with this move by China, data being leaked won't be a problem because YOUR REAL NAME will already be out there. So any criminal can FREELY do whatever they want the moment they freely got your real name.

There's a reason why doxxing has become a serious issue.

If you want people to follow China's lead on that, then expect all sorts of cyber, banking, and fraud crimes to go through the roof.

Suzyp58d ago

They will never understand the rule of law cause they have none.

blacktiger58d ago

that's where you are are wrong!!! dumbass. You real name linked to financial data is everything you do for living, also how many family has beautiful daughters at home to get kidnap and what get and how much money value and such and what kind of house and what kind fo security,!!!! Wake up. Live for yourself not for government! Don't be a baby!

Minute Man 72158d ago

@ Suzyp

Over time we will be like China.

We don't even care about "The Rule of Law" in America.

lodossrage58d ago

Not to get too much into it but Minute Man 721 is right. And it's painfully obvious if you're willing to distinct between fact and fiction.

Christopher58d ago

***We don't even care about "The Rule of Law" in America.***

That's a truly hyperbolic statement. Taking a minority concept of public opinion as fact on actual laws being written.

Minute Man 72157d ago (Edited 57d ago )


The U.S. Constitution is the Rule of Law.

A Republic is the Rule of Law

Democracy is Mob Rule

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BlackIceJoe58d ago

Mr. locomorales, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Suzyp58d ago

Don't even bother, these are paid CCP drones.

xTonyMontana58d ago

Love that quote, back when Adam Sandler made top tier comedies.

Shaggy230457d ago


I agree with you, but I also slightly agree with Locomorales.

The problem with the internet as it is, is that their is so much anonymity that people say whatever they want, they spew hatred at "celebrities", they threaten people for no reason other than for "laughs and giggles", all because they feel safe, they feel like they are "un-touchable" because of their anonymity.

However I totally agree with you that we cant just have people using their own name, that in and of itself would cause more problems.

I have no idea what the solution would be, that is for people more intelligent than myself to think about and try and solve.

Suzyp58d ago

Hey look it's a CCP nationalist. You dont belong in this thread. Free speech has it's limits, We have the law, you guys do not. One party rule does whatever they want in China that's a crime in itself. It's hilarious you're comparing them with each other.

DarkkMinion58d ago

Can I have some of what you are smoking? What in the world is going on on that head of yours?

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xTonyMontana58d ago

I remember when Blizzard had this logic and one of their employees gave his real name out to show that nothing bad would happen.. if I recall, his extended family were getting abusive phone calls. Needless to say, Blizzard never did fully implement the feature.

Cmoney00758d ago

How many times can you embarrass yourself on this site?

rainslacker58d ago

As many as he wants. It's easy to just make up a new name.

CDbiggen58d ago

Honestly one of the worst comments I've ever seen on this site.

58d ago
rainslacker58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

While that's good in theory, and one would expect people to not be so idiotic or hostile if they aren't anonymous, the reality is that the negatives outweigh that because it doesn't take much for some people to go to far and it'd be a lot easier to take online harassment to real world harassment. The thing about all this is that it won't lower any crime involved with the internet, because those committing the crimes don't care. But, the average person just wandering the net would likely care about being the victim of that crime, and with real names, it means a lot less time to notice that something may be dangerous.

Personally, there are some places I don't mind using my real name. It doesn't bother me, as I don't tend to stir stuff up ,and most other people on the sites are the same way.

But, if we take N4G as an example, I wouldn't be that keen on it. I appreciate my anonymity, because using my real name means I'd have to be very careful about what I say, because I work in an industry I often criticize a a consumer....which is what I do here. For those that want to go the extra mile, they probably could figure out who I am, but I really fail to see why anyone would care that much. But on here, I just want to be a gamer, and a consumer. I don't mind talking about my personal experiences for the sake of discussion, but it's not my primary goal of discussion around here.

Having a blanket policy, enforced by the government no less, is a really bad thing. It will deter open discussion, and given how China is, that's probably the goal, because people in China do talk bad about China on the internet, and through games. While in other countries, one can assume that more civilized discussion would occur if there was some sort of accountability, we've also seen how people who are known can quickly have their lives ruined or turned upside down because of some off handed comment, and lets face it, almost all of us have made some inappropriate joke probably somehow related to something going on. But moreso, imagine any SJW discussion going on. If you're tired of all the nonsense going on, then saying so, and being easily found, is just inviting unneeded grief upon those trying to express themselves.

These are just a few relevant examples I could think of off the top of my head. There are places that require real names to post, and if you want that, go to those places. In the mean time, nothing is really gained by using them, and more is probably lost. In the case of a place like this, it's probably inconsequential, but there are places where it may mean more to lose that kind of open discussion as people become afraid to express themselves.

CaptainObvious87858d ago

Spoken like a true communist.

It's because of people like you that the US is in real trouble of losing the culture war and thus losing all it's freedoms.

garos8258d ago

please tell me you are trolling. I refuse to believe you are this thick

Dragonscale57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

What crimes? Hatespeach? Lol. Free speech means actually free, not constrained by woke politics.

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ApocalypseShadow58d ago

Tell me and update me on which ones so I'll know what not to play if I ever go back to paying.. I mean playing online games.

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blacktiger58d ago

Well it will work with new kids who grown up.

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