Taking A Closer Look At The Game Developers Conference, Quakecon And PAX Online Skewedcast

This week Gareth, Justin, and Michael look at the pending Game Developers Conference, Quakecon, and previews what fans may get from PAX Online now that Media Registration has started.
02:08 GDC August 4th – 6th

10:55 QuakeCon

21:53 PAX Online

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RaidenBlack59d ago

They better announce a new Quake at the QuakeCon.

Garethvk58d ago

I really wonder if we will get any announcements. The company said they were not doing any of the summer showcases as they did not have anything that was ready to be revealed. Then we saw stuff in the PS5 showcase. So who knows. I figure it will more likely be hey this update is coming for Fallout 76, this one for DOOM Eternal, ETC. Usually they make their announcements during E3 and then use Quakecon for updates.