Infinity Ward: It's a "Priority" to Reduce Size of Modern Warfare, Season 5 Will Shrink Overall Size

Infinity Ward has confirmed that the Modern Warfare Season 5 size for download will be big, but it will shink the overall file size. The studo adds that reducing the file size is a "priority."

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MagicLebronJordan54d ago

Glad to hear 200 gigs was a lot for a game.

excaliburps54d ago

No way a FPS game should big this big. Sheesh. I gather, Season 5 patch will be 30GB at least. :(

TheBrit54d ago

Yeah but don't most of the patches overlay what is already there so an individual patch of 5 gig really translates to potentially a few meg or slightly larger because they have to replace the whole module in order to fix a few small bugs within the module?

Phoenix7654d ago

It is 33gb. Was when I got a pre download patch this morning.

54d ago
NealGamby54d ago

They've been saying this crap since 2 seasons ago. Nothings changed.

excaliburps54d ago

Well, they are slowly making it smaller, no? I mean, the overall file size. You can also uninstall parts in the PS4 version.

ramtah54d ago

How about we fucking gett anti-cheats? I kinda quit this game because of it, asking cheater to not cheat is not gonna work... and everyone know that they make the update big because they want everyone on counsel to delete ever game so they have to play warzone..

ikarodemon54d ago

I wont play just because the game size is too much.

CDbiggen54d ago

Same. Didn't bother with S4 at all :-(

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The story is too old to be commented.