Could Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Become The Next Rocket League?

Joining us this week is Joe Walsh, Lead Game Designer at Mediatonic Games – one of the largest independent studios in the UK. Joe is currently working on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – massively multiplayer free-for-all party game.

Aside from discussing the game’s multiple inspirations such as Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout, we talked about what it takes to put together a game of mini-games, which ones were the team’s favorites, and the potential of becoming the next Rocket League.

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monkey60247d ago

I hope so. It looks like a ton of fun and im so happy its going to be on PS+ not only because I intended to buy it so I'm saving money but just because of the amount of people that will draw to it.

Cant wait to play it tomorrow

Scissorman8247d ago

Same here. As long as they keep updating it I think it will have a long, healthy life.