Everything We Learned About Warframe's Heart of Deimos Expansion [Wccftech]

Warframe's Heart of Deimos expansion just got announced. Here's what Wccftech learned in a press brief ahead of TennoCon 2020.

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79d ago
victorMaje78d ago

I wish I had time to keep playing Warframe.
Imo best ongoing game every year.

Darkborn78d ago

Honestly this tennocon was kinda of a let down. Everyone already knew an infested open world was coming. Other than that, not much else was really shown off except skins, a couple new frames, and a new system for exchanging warframe powers which looks like a whole new level of grind. Just disappointing really. I absolutely loved warframe for years, but this past year has been really dull.

staticall77d ago

Yeah, completely agree.

And on top of that, last updates were meh at best, i guess? Railjack was expensive, required a ton of grinding, was just straight up unbalanced, coop only (i mean, you can play it solo, in theory, but for a couple of missions at most). Was a complete departure from what they first shown.

Kuva liches - too much random, too much grind (including limited-time use Requiem mods)
Scarlet Spear... The shortest review i can give it - «What they were thinking?!». You have to fight in team against the sentient threat. But it has so much bugs, it's unbelievable. Your flotillas could just become empty and stop taking new members, even from your squad; it had time limit, flotilla member limit, very low rewards (especially for ground team; whole idea with different rewards for different team is very dumb too), it's Über grindy, not only you have to spend hours to get credits, but if your team stop contributing (or that bug appears), you don't get the bonus (which is a significant amount). Prices are ridiculous too, new game modes are, basically, tweaked mobile defences with limited rounds, it's unbalanced for some frames, for others it's a breeze. It felt like early beta test. And it was just one month long, like sentients was just «Ok, that was long enough, even we, »

Scarlet Spear was the turning point for me, i didn't have enough time to get far enough in the game and i didn't want to pay anymore.

P. S.: Warframe Revisited was a good step in the right direction.