Bethesda Announces Content Editor and DLC for Fallout 3

Bethesda has finally announced that a content editor and downloadable content will be made available for Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360 and PC in the coming weeks. The editor is expected to be released in December, while the DLC will be made available over the next coming months. The DLC will also come in the form of three separate sets titled the Pit, Broken Steel and Operation: Anchorage.

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dxmnecro4240d ago

Finally! I can't wait to blow some Chinese soldiers up in Alaska. Wait, is that wrong? If it is, it never felt soooo good.

mesh14240d ago

another great 360 exclusive dlc if you want to play the whole of fallout 3 ( remembering shiverin gisle dlc was a good 20hrs of gameplay ) you should buy the version with exclusive dlc and has been stated by 2 top sites ign is also the graphically Superior version

dxmnecro4240d ago

Actually, it's coming out for the PC as well. The DLC is exclusive to the PC and Xbox 360. Essentially, they just left out the PS3.

DevilVergilX4240d ago

mesh1 its not graphically Superior, its just has less glitches.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4240d ago

Games for Windows = Microsoft
Windows = Microsoft
PC with Windows (its the only way) = Microsoft
Xbox = Microsoft
Fallout 3 Xbox and PC DLC = Microsoft exclusive

But by all means, don't let that stop you from "sticking it to Microsoft" by buying the PC dlc.

<---Rolls eyes... PS3 fans are somthing else.

devilhunterx4240d ago

I buy originals on my PS3 and torrent on my PC. What does that tells you?

devilhunterx4239d ago

awww did i hurt your feelings?

kwyjibo4239d ago

No, I implied that you were a jerk.

I don't think I could have made that any clearer. Suggestions are welcome.

prowiew4239d ago


That tells me that you steal pc games. Thats wrong

pumpkinpunker4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Fanboy A: it will come to the PS3 someday...until then I will hunker down in my parents basement and stock up on canned goods.

Fanboy B: I torrent all my PC games via a covert anti-microsoft trans-national cartel that I play through my modded Xbox 360 that I created from spare parts bought at Radioshack.


Fanboy D: *weeps silently to himself as he logs onto MGO and waits 20 minutes for a game to start* Mediocre stealth "action" and snail's pace multiplayer eventually ensues.

Did I miss anyone?

kevin11124239d ago

you are a good example of a 360 fanboy, so whats your point?

CAPT IRISH4239d ago

Open zone

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Cherchez La Ghost4240d ago

That's what I call DLC!! Good looking out, Bethesda!!

dxmnecro4240d ago

I completely agree. No wonder they were waiting so long to announce it. I just hope that we don't find them to be horribly short. I am also kind of curious how they will work out traveling to the different places.

mcgrawgamer4240d ago

I doubt it'll be short, shivering isles and knights of the round added just enough to oblivion in the form of dlc.

Bnet3434240d ago

I have to be honest with you that is good DLC for Fallout 3. When they announced exclusive DLC for Fallout 3 on 360/PC, I thought Microsoft made a wrong move but this seems like something I would consider buying if I had extra cash.

Hellsvacancy4240d ago

Is there gonna b any Dlc or the Ps3? i hope there is, it sucks that theres a cap of 20 for your Xp will that b removed for the Dlc do u think because if it does then i may hav to go by a second hand 360

Fallout 3's great, i just didnt like the cap Bethasda put on the game but with the Dlc i guess it makes sense

dxmnecro4240d ago

The DLC is exclusive to the 360 and PC.

Captain Tuttle4240d ago

I'm pretty sure the cap will be raised (although I have it for the 360, not PS3). When you hit level 20 there's a "21" on the experience bar.

That would suck if PS3 owners stayed capped at 20.

Charmers4240d ago

I believe there is already a mod on the PC that removes the cap for PC users. So it can't be that hard for them to remove the cap from the console version.

supaman900s4239d ago

NOTHING is "exclusive" aside from games made by the 1st party developers. I am sure that this so called "exclusive" DLC will find its way onto the PS3, the "exclusive-ness" of it is more than likely just an exclusive "time window" a la Bioshock. After all, wasn't Resident Evil 4 exclusive to the Gamecube?

I'm not really concerned any way, with more than enough great games I still need to pick up as well as the others that are right around the corner, i'll be plenty busy until it eventually arrives on the PS3, if it does at all...

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Captain Tuttle4240d ago

The editor is huge. I hope the hardcore Fallout fanbase does something with it.

Vistrix4240d ago

Wait, the 360 version will have a map editor?

Captain Tuttle4240d ago

Yep, just for PC. But I'll probably by the PC version in 6 months or so to see what mods are out there.

Vistrix4240d ago

See now if this was a PS3 / PC exclusive deal, the map editor would of come out on the PS3 too because of its open platform and modding support!!

So annoying.

supaman900s4239d ago

You pretty much said exactly what I was thinking, but the game suffers from having to be a "lowest common denominator" version, due to the 360 restrictions to such an editor.

Bethesda could have taken a little extra time to implement PS3 editing functionality, but considering they are a PC developer first/console developer second, I can understand why they would not tackle such a challenge.

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