Marvel's Avengers Leak Suggests Spiderman Will Be Exclusive To PS4

Fraser Gilbert of PureXbox writes, "There's been some speculation recently that Spider-Man might make an appearance in the upcoming Marvel's Avengers, and according to a leak he will be playable - but only in the PS4 version."

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neutralgamer19925d ago


Are you forgetting all those launch console exclusives announced at Xbox show? This is just one character how's that even a comparison. Ms are paying Sega to hold off Yakuza next gen patch which is exclusive to Xbox series x

MTVBG5d ago

No. Competition is good for everyone. In every instance. When these companies compete with each other they have the biggest incentive to improve in every department.

This is extremely, breathtakingly basic economics.

The only gamers who lose in this scenario are the very small minority who only own an Xbox One and not a PS4. And if after all these years they continued to invest solely in the more expensive, weaker product, ignoring the extremely early warning (as in pre-launch) signs that this was going to happen, then that's on those gamers, not on these companies. You were asking for it and you're getting what you deserve.

The responsibility is on you to not back the losing horse. When you back the losing horse - oh gee whiz what a twist!! - you lose.

P.S. I currently play my One more than my PS4, so get that automatic "TOXIC SONY FANBOY REEEEE" out of your mind right now.

TheKingKratos5d ago

Lol wtf ??.... a patch ??

Microsoft are so low at this point

FunAndGun5d ago

@MTVBG - "Competition is good for everyone. In every instance."

Not when one company starts charging for online play and setting precedent...

RamRod885d ago

And Sony doesn't have their own timed exclusives? Half the games at their show were timed exclusives. I would rather have a game be a timed exclusive then timed exclusive DLC where I pay the same price for less content.

morganfell5d ago

How is this even an issue? Sony holds multimedia rights to Spider-Man.

MTVBG4d ago

as much as I resent Microsoft charging for Xbox Live, the onus was on the consumers to not pay for online if they were that opposed to it. A lot of people complaining about it paid for it anyway. Hell, it's one of the only reasons Xbox was a hit, and perhaps the only reason Xbox still exists as a brand today.

Technically, everyone who chose to pay for online from any of these companies set the precedent. No one would have followed Microsoft's path had there not been money in it.

Just as with bland annual franchises, broken-ass half-functioning anti-fun IPs, and F2P microtransaction trash, you can pin the blame on the people bankrolling and incentivizing this behavior: the millions of consumers who pour billions a year into all of it.

People forget that "gamers" include those millions of people who are doing just that.

P.S. you're all free to downvote my comments if you don't like reality, but I promise, PROMISE you this: it won't change that it IS reality. Hell, I don't like the reality. But that's the way it is. Every downvote is an anonymous "waaaaaaaaah, wa-wa-waaaaaaah".

P.P.S. unless it turns out there were guns to all these consumers' heads the whole time of which I was unaware.

Here's hoping that the consumer fatigue of all of this sets in sooner rather than later.

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Those were console launch exclusive which means are out on PC and also will be out on PS4

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LegoIsAwesome4d ago

Now: "Spidey playable exclusively on ps4 is unfair!!"

IF Spidey became playable in PC and Xbox : "Spiderman PS4 must be coming to PC!!"

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ApocalypseShadow5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Sweet, nice, awesome....amazing.

monkey6025d ago

Poor show! Can't stand exclusive DLC

Destiny10805d ago

its probably only timed, and will be on xbox in a year or two

Baza5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Dude Sony owns rights to Spiderman.. I’d say no chance unless MS wants to fork over some cash lol.

gamer78045d ago (Edited 5d ago )

uh no, sony owns the rights to Spiderman. would be a show of good faith if they made a character exclusive to xbox too though but yah I'm not a fan of exclusive stuff in a game thats multiplat like this.

ShadowWolf7125d ago (Edited 5d ago ) guys do know that Spider-Man was in Ultimate Alliance 3, right? A Switch exclusive? Complete with Nadji Jeter and Yuri Lowenthal as Miles and Peter?

Sony currently holds the solo games license, and they own the film rights, but they don't outright own the rights to the character in all mediums. Any deal in place for this would be separate.

Nasdac5d ago

This only one reason this can happened, the Insomniac Spiderman.

Razmiran5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Sony does not own the rights to spiderman in games, since he appeared on a nintendo game last year
They dont own him in comic, animation or game form. Just struck a deal with marvel for the game.
No matter how many downvotes, this is how it is

rainslacker5d ago

I don't think Sony owns the rights to SM in games. They do have a contract to make SM branded games with the license though. That specific title license is probably exclusive to Sony for as long as the contract last. It likely does exclude SM appearing in other places in games though. Think Marvel might have not been keen on giving up that right after the whole movie stuff was hindered with movie rights all over the place.

leejohnson2225d ago

Sony own the licence to Spiderman

Zulu5d ago

Nope. Sony own the movie rights and the exclusive right to the Spider-Man game. They might have a deal behind closed doors however nothing is known of exclusive rights to make Spider-Man video games or own the IP outside of movies. If Spider-Man features exclusive in this game it’s because Sony have brokered a deal for this to be the case with Crystal Dynamics and Marvel. I personally hate exclusive DLC for multiplatform games

neutralgamer19924d ago


Was that before Sony reached deal with Disney to include spiderman in upcoming Marvel movies

It wouldn't surprise me if that came at the cost if spiderman character being exclusive in order for marvel to be able use spiderman in their movies(I could be wrong)

gamer78044d ago

@Myself well I stand corrected maybe they don't own the license to Spiderman's appearance in games.

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DuckOnQuack355d ago

You guys realize this is a loss for the game itself right? Locking out a whole avenger (and the best one at that) is not a win, that just means I won't be paying for garbage like this. Unless I have a cheaper price tag why would I pay for less content? It's anticonsumer and that's it

monkey6025d ago

Exactly. If I'm playing this game its going to be on the playstation but I think exclusive DLC is bullshit. Nobody else should be paying the same price for the game and getting less. Its not fair.
The more we support this crap the worse it gets too. What do Microsoft do next in retaliation now?

KwietStorm4d ago

It definitely is a disservice to the greater comic book audience, making one of the most recognizable superheroes ever locked to one platform, in a game that isn't even about him. People will just say it's a "win" because internet gamers prioritize platforms and business decisions. But Spiderman is not the best Avenger.