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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Thanks Gamers For The Support on PC; “More Work to Do”

Microsoft’s Xbox division head Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to talk about the recent reception of PC games by Xbox Game Studios.

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Community57d ago
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RamRod8857d ago

XGS releasing games on Steam has been a big boost for them. I'm glad Xbox has finally fully embraced Steam, this will only lead to good things for both Steam and Xbox.

Hakuoro57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

They had to make up for the loss of sales revenue on their own platforms somehow. It would be interesting to see a break down of sales revenue comparing Windows store and xbox live to Steam. Something tells me they won't ever break it down like that though...

RamRod8857d ago

No doubt steam sales are head and shoulders above windows store. Why would that really matter to Xbox? As long as the games are selling and players are engaged, nothing else matters.

57d ago
Hakuoro57d ago


Your whole argument is super shallow, it's just pretend that no financial aspects are involved with decision making or the future of xbox.

But i'll tell you what, it's one step closer to xbox being a service only.

Godmars29057d ago

"No doubt steam sales are head and shoulders above windows store. Why would that really matter to Xbox?"


MS can't keep offering $1 subscription deals while providing AAA launch titles to better justify the service only to offer it through a more popular similar service besides. Indeed, all that shows to anyone really looking that they can't produce the needed traction or appeal through their own service itself.

Never mind the argument regarding the quality/quantity of said AAA titles.

Marquinho57d ago

As said before, Sony is "winning" and Outdated Console War. Microsoft is playing a different game.

This is a very good read about it:

Very bold move, but it's paying up. Making Halo Infinite Free-2-Play for Multi, will attract a lot of PC Gamers. Microsoft puzzle's is much more expansive and complicated than Sony's, but it can make them reach a much, much broader market..

Godmars29057d ago

"Very bold move, but it's paying *off*."


" Making Halo Infinite Free-2-Play for Multi, will attract a lot of PC Gamers."

But is it going to sell consoles?

MS's "bold move" seems to be to talk up hardware while making it less relevant by offering access to games from previous and other devices.

RamRod8857d ago


Every decision Xbox makes, financial risk and reward is always in play. I'm not sure why you would think I would ignore that. It's not hard to see how Xbox as a whole benefits from releasing games on Steam as well. Clearly it has been paying off for them just by looking at the sales and engagement we see on steam for xbox games. XGS games selling well and high engagement=more games being developed for both console and PC gamers. This benefits both platforms.

RazzerRedux57d ago

"Why would that really matter to Xbox? "

Because they are paying 30% of each game sold to Steam.

RamRod8857d ago

They are also making much more revenue than if they kept these games only on the windows store. MCC on steam has sold roughly 3 million on steam. That's 3 million more sales they wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

RazzerRedux57d ago


All true, but fact is MS didn't want to have to go to Steam to sell their games. If they did, they would have done so earlier. Xbox games are on Steam because Windows store failed. That does indeed matter to Microsoft.

umair_s5157d ago

Xbox stance has been pro consumer. There really isn't an argument against them. They are leading the way by pushing games beyond platforms. If you ask me that is the future.

neomahi57d ago

@ RamRodd88. Don't know if I fully agree. Microsoft are a services company, that's where they make their money. If you playing your game on Steam, then you're not using Xbox Live. Sony makes their money off of online gaming. It also goes against the whole point of Xbox Game Pass. How do you sell Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass (subscription services) if you're selling full price on Steam? Gabe Newell has just shown he's a relic, he's living in the past. So you do an incremental upgrade, nothing else new, doesn't excite anyone, no innovation. That's old school gaming.

Marquinho57d ago


I believe it will be very hard to find a XSX consoles during the launch window and beyond.

343_Guilty_Spark57d ago

No evidence of Xbox going service only. This was also said last gen. Microsoft keeps making hardware.

RamRod8857d ago


I know Xbox would rather sell all their games on only the windows store. What company with their own platform wouldn't? Gamers won by getting what they want(steam releases) and Xbox also is benefitting, yet some how it's being spun into something negative.

Gamers still have to sign into Xbox live to play their games on steam. MS doesn't charge for online gaming on PC anyways. Their revenue comes from gamepass on PC and sales of their games.

Godmars29057d ago


We're talking about being able to get Xbox games on Steam.

Its not going to matter whether or not you can find an Xbox, be it XB1 or Series X.

anubusgold57d ago

EA has gone back to steam as well i love playing BF2 and bad company 2 on steam you have way better mod controls and community on steam. In bad company 2 servers would run our favorite maps from bad company one as well doubling the map count until EA came in and shut it down with their greed.

Marquinho57d ago


You're still too focused on the old version of the "console wars". But if it matters so much to you, yeah, Halo will also sell consoles. Not everyone's willing to spend USD 1,500 on a premium PC. I expect Ray Tracing implementation to do its job on selling the hardware. Halo's style is perfect for RT.

Rhythmattic57d ago

Marquinho16h ago
"As said before, Sony is "winning" and Outdated Console War. Microsoft is playing a different game. "

Yep, Outdated, MS just couldn't make it stick...... MS in terms of their approach in the console space was the same thing , again and again... Just the same Zune, Windows phone outcome....OUTCLASSED

No matter the Spin, Consoles still matter to me... The day they all become like MS's approach, Whether Sony, Nintendo, its just becomes another mobile game, Nuc, or media box ........or playable with ULTRA settings on a PC.

Whatever floats your brick.... Its nothing new this approach from MS, its just less of the Pie , a piece thet couldn't grab or steal from Sony & Nintendo....

Now once again... like Zune/Windows phone, they are going to take on another market Steam has proven as Viable.... As so Mobile gaming.... Subscription gaming on per game basis (I bet)..... Like W.O.W... Im sure everything about halo - Infinatley MT's is just a copy / paste of F2P games , but its Halo!



MS have proven they just dontget it.....especially now......
Outdated ? lol....

Godmars29056d ago


At this point, there is no console war. Nintendo conceded tech long ago and with Series X, which isn't really going to see games on par with its hardware years post its release, MS are downplaying hardware in favor of GaSS. The ray tracing you're on about is not only going to be patched into Halo at a later date, but be available to the PS5.

You keep saying I'm too focused on the "old version" of the console war, yet you seem to keep hinting that console sales are a factor, that what MS has done will promote sales, and while I agree, the sales I'm talking about are services and subscriptions, not consoles.

Hell, this is like trying to argue that MS's stance since the 360 has been that "exclusives don't matter" yet Spencer saying it today is somehow a bold new statement.

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CaptainHenry91657d ago (Edited 57d ago )

"This will only lead to good things for both Steam and Xbox."

Sure it will. Feels like I've heard this before. Whatever floats your boat

RamRod8857d ago

We're already seeing the benefits for both platforms. Xbox announced earlier this year, 2019 saw largest amount of revenue from PC ever. I can only imagine revenue will double or triple in 2020.

lonewolf1057d ago

The numbers seem to suggest it's working.

shuvam0957d ago

Don't let the downvotes get to you. That's the best thing that could've happened.

neomahi57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Yup, the next gen console wars are on. Microsoft are publishing their games in cooperation with Valve, and Gabe Newell came out griping even though Sony built a PC, but Gabe Newell has really old fashioned thinking. Microsoft built a box with more power, typical, Sony and Nintendo diversify. And in the other corner it looks like Sony are teaming up with Epic Games as Epic seem to be strongly backing PS5. Let the games begin

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TheColbertinator57d ago

PC gaming is big money when you play your cards right. I'm glad Microsoft is seeing the big picture by releasing their games on Steam.

Not that I hate the Windows Store but it is nowhere near as simplified as Steam.

russo12157d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Now we all understand why some days ago, Gabe Newell said xsx is better just because.... without further explanation, lol!

SonyStyled57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

But that’s who Gabe is. He’s always been like that. He’s an opinionated and loyal guy. His games only launched on the 360 for consoles last gen, aside from from portal 2, when he announced it at Sony’s e3 starting with “now most of you know I’ve been very outspoken with this generation of consoles, here’s portal 2 for PS3” or something along the lines of that. It was almost in an unprofessional manner, but it was very raw words that make sense Gabe Newell Gabe Newell. It was even ea that ported the orange box. I like the guy. He has no filter with his opinion much like David Jaffe

Petebloodyonion57d ago

And Sony’s game like horizon Zero Dawn are also released on Steam so your point is?

57d ago
aconnellan57d ago

So Epic praising PlayStation is because Sony is the greatest, but Gabe/Steam praising Xbox is because... money?

King_Noctis57d ago

Oh yeah. A billionaire like Gabe must be a fanboy like a regular N4G-er.

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Toiletsteak57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I help out when I can with my £1 every now and then when they have a game worth playing.

DaniMacYo57d ago

I think this Gen is make or break for Microsoft. If they have another 40M+ I can only see them going PC only and no more console. I sure hope that does happen. I'm confident they will have a stronger next-gen than they had previously. I'm a PS guy but I'd quite disappointed if there was no Xbox on the market.

MajorPectorals57d ago

I think MS would sell the Xbox brand instead of discontinuing it

ocelot0756d ago

I doubt they would. I mean if gamepass is this profitable money pit. Then maybe will forget the hardware and just become a 3rd party developer and release gamepass on every available platform.

That would be crap though. Because then only Nintendo would challenge Sony in the console space. Meaning Sony would take there foot of the pedal.

The_Sage57d ago

For next generation, not this one.

The_Blue57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Microsoft would of been drop Xbox if money wasn't there. They aren't in it for the giggles.

The_Sage57d ago

I think they will go service only and try to get gamepass on every platform they can. Netflix of gaming, remember?

343_Guilty_Spark57d ago

Is that why they are rumored to be revealing not 1 but 2 hardware skus for the Xbox Series?

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