Drown's Game-Changing Tactile Earphones Sound Great But Lack Comfort

COG writes: We go ears-on with the Game-Changing Tactile Audio headphones by Drown, a unique audio solution at a mid-ranged price for gamers.

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TheRealTedCruz57d ago

Eh. I'll stick with my A50s lol.

Though, if you want an awesome headset for under $150, the Hyper Cloud Revolver S is fantastic. I use it for the PC.

SyntheticForm57d ago

I'm still using my TB XP500s from ages ago. They're from the 360/PS3 era and have never let me down. I do believe I had to buy a cord that granted them compatibility with PS4 and XB1 though.

I may just buy a new headset soon, but I don't really need to.