The personal experiences that Lev and Yara’s actors brought to The Last of Us Part 2

"I would take a hammer to the arm for any of my siblings, and I know they’d do the same for me."

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TheProfessional49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Both of those characters and almost all of the new secondary characters were unfortunately pretty forgettable and underwritten. Everyone you met in the first last of us was more interesting. Manny, Mel, Lev, Deena and Yara were all really bland and I didn't care about any of them. Owen and Jesse were okay but that's about it.

Lev especially was just not interesting and that opinion is completely based on the lame things she says like "What's a quarter?" It's only been 5 or 6 years since the outbreak, c'mon. And just because Deena makes quirky jokes doesn't mean she's interesting. Making her a pregnant parallel to Mel was just as on the nose as having Abby avenging a father figure like Ellie was.

User0057249d ago

You wrong about the 5 - 6 years since the outbreak. The time from the outbreak to The last of us 2 is closer to 24yrs. In the first game its approx 20 yrs after the intro. Dont forget Ellie is 14 in the first game and was born in the outbreak time and then there is atleast 4 years between The last of 1 and 2 as she is 19 in the last of us 2. Lev is around 12 so he was born in the outbreak time.

TheProfessional49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

That makes a lot more sense, it just would have been cool if she talked more instead of always whispering "oh whats this?what's that?" We get it she grew up sheltered and isolated but it doesn't tell you anything else about her personality and I just didn't find her that interesting as a result.

The people you encountered in the first last of us like Bill and Sam were much more compelling, the characters in last of us 2 aren't bad they just seem so bland in comparison.

TheKingKratos49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

That is on you but i respect that

because i do not forget any of them and going by sites and forums they fans didn't forget them too .... ND made sure the game stay with the fans as long as they can remember
And they made me care for Abby by the end (which i thought would never happen) and didn't want Ellie to kill her

pretty much every list will have this game on the top from critics or fans who actually played it and it already happened on alot of forums and sites

TheProfessional49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Notice how I didn't say anything about Abby, I liked her. And instead of responding to what I said with anything intelligent you just talk about how its going win game of the year. Yeah okay, and it should, but characters like Bill and Marlena from the first game were still more interesting than Manny or Lev or Mel.

TheKingKratos49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Notice how i said i respect your opinion ? I wasn't attacking you

And i know Bill is great character but so was Lev and Yara plus Owen/Dina was great too
Manny was kinda there didn't care for him at all or Mel

I wished i could know what happened to Bill since the first part

PrinceAli48d ago

Completely disagree.. i talk more about the new characters than i do the old ones lool

Gianoni3348d ago

Same with me. For me they are much more connected to the main plot, and not just "on the path" of them.

Lev, yara, dina, jesse, owen....

S2Killinit48d ago

Riiiight, that’s why you ran here quickly to let us know about it. Get off your high horse, the game is awesome and no amount of crows eaten so far will change that.

SonyStyled48d ago

Lev is a kid. She asked similar curiosity questions Ellie did in the first game, like about the ice cream truck in part 1. The only difference is Levs community doesn’t touch “old world” items. Asking about a quarter $ isn’t out of place for where she came from

rainslacker48d ago

really? I found all the new characters pretty insufferable outside lev and owen. Yara was alright, but she wasn't in the actual story that much to have any character growth, so in that sense she was forgettable. for the most part, I ended up not caring about anyone but the main characters, tommy, lev, and owen. Lev wasn't supposed to be interesting on his own. He was a prop for Abby's character growth, which he did well. His own personal story was interesting for the culture and society that had formed around it, and he was a pretty cool kid overall. Nothing to really dislike about him, and he could actually kill enemies for you.

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Rachel_Alucard49d ago

I was confused exactly what they were trying to pull with these characters. They kept calling Lev a he throughout the game but he's supposed to be a she or something? Only thing I remember was that one line where Yara just tells Abby that one of the Seraphites tried to make him their wife.

Name Last Name49d ago

It’s pretty clear that Lev was born a girl but identifies as a boy.

STARS49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Lev is a female transitioning to a male. At a certain point before you reach the upper bridge on the quest to get Yara the medical supplies she needs for the operation on her arm, I believe you hear the Seraphites call out "Lilly" when you first encounter them. And after that encounter, she mentions that she'd prefer to really not talk about it much more with Abby. Basically, the Seraphites wanted Lev dead because of the change she was undergoing, and the fact that she backed out of a marriage with a Seraphite Elder, which in turn was against their traditions.


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rainslacker48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I didn't know Lev was a girl until the conversation about it. Just looked like a younger boy. It didn't matter in the end. I knew there was a trans character, but given some other things I had read I just thought it was people being a**hats about Abby.

It wasn't really that complicated to figure out though. There was nothing being pulled. It was just a character trait that had nothing to do with the story, but didn't detract from it, and was believable enough within the narrative they had built.

Gamist2dot048d ago

Lev is a girl. The reason she pretend to be a boy was because the Scars wanted her to become some dude's wife.

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ZeroBlue249d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I get the idea of Abby and Lev was to depict Abby conflicted by her understanding Joel's actions through her own, but I just think it could have been executed much better. It almost felt like a caricature of Joel and Ellie.

DrDeath49d ago

It was. It wasnt well done

akurtz49d ago

Maybe a full on game would’ve done much better like Part 1 but i really did enjoy their story in part two.

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