Need for Speed: Porsche - the eight year old jewel at its visual best

Talk is about NfS Undercover, but PCGH took a closer look at the last part of the series that had been fully accepted: Need for Speed: Porsche. In course of an article series they took screenshots with 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling-AA running the game on a Voodoo5 5000.

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TheIneffableBob5708d ago

They don't make Need for Speeds like they used to.

Memoman5708d ago

Hands down the best need for speed ever. When it was about being a good driver, yet it was so much fun mastering every single turn. After that it became too much Fast&Furious soapbar racing for me...

hotrider125708d ago

what happen to NFS???? to much copying burnout,midnight club L.A. and fast and the furious crap

LethalToxins5708d ago

NFS: Most Wanted and Carbon were the last two good ones in the series. Pro Street and beyond are garbage.

buckethead_9115708d ago

I think the last good NFS game was Most Wanted....Carbon was okayish

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Porsche Ends Exclusivity Deal With EA, More Porsche Cars In Other Racing Games Soon

If you wanted to drive a Porsche in a video game, for the longest time you need to play a game made by EA. The exclusivity deal has gone for so long since Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed was released in 2000. Other games that wanted a Porsche had to go for RUF, the manufacturer that builds similarly looking cars that are based on Porsche’s chassis.

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SaveFerris2768d ago

I'm glad this is finally over. Maybe now Polyphony Digital will be to add Porsche cars to GT Sport?

Number_92768d ago

I doubt there's enough time. These things take a lot of time and GT is only a few months away from release. Perhaps DLC.

Pantz2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Maybe they were already working on them in anticipation

USMC_POLICE2766d ago

They already said they knew the deal was ending and they are ready to add them to GT once Porsche says yes.

DigimonMaster2766d ago

"GT is only a few months away from release."

Stop spewing bullcrap xbox fangirl. There is no release date announced yet for GT just that it'll be releasing in 2017. I am sure sony would like to release their flagship title in holidays.

bouzebbal2766d ago

Who remembers Porsche Challenge on PS1 and how amazing it was!

Errorist762766d ago

A year isn't a few months though...

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zaherdab2766d ago

@DigimonMaster!! wow dude!! how did that even offend you ? maybe the guy is not as informed as you are ... but what kind of answer is that??!!

Number_92768d ago

Sweet Christmas that is good news!

FallenAngel19842766d ago

Next destination is certainly Gran Turismo

XXanderXX2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Nice more Porsche models for Forza Franchise inbound