Need for Speed: Porsche - the eight year old jewel at its visual best

Talk is about NfS Undercover, but PCGH took a closer look at the last part of the series that had been fully accepted: Need for Speed: Porsche. In course of an article series they took screenshots with 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling-AA running the game on a Voodoo5 5000.

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TheIneffableBob4248d ago

They don't make Need for Speeds like they used to.

Memoman4248d ago

Hands down the best need for speed ever. When it was about being a good driver, yet it was so much fun mastering every single turn. After that it became too much Fast&Furious soapbar racing for me...

hotrider124247d ago

what happen to NFS???? to much copying burnout,midnight club L.A. and fast and the furious crap

LethalToxins4247d ago

NFS: Most Wanted and Carbon were the last two good ones in the series. Pro Street and beyond are garbage.

buckethead_9114247d ago

I think the last good NFS game was Most Wanted....Carbon was okayish

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