Multiplayer for the next Tomb Raider game?

Msxbox-World spoke with Senior Producer at Crystal Dynamics, Eric Lindstrom who mentions that multiplayer is certainly a possibility for the next Tomb Raider game.

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Hellsvacancy4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Stop makin Tomb Raider games their gettin abit like the EA sport games they bring out Every year

Pennywise4241d ago

After this last one.. please no more. Mercy!

zornik4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

What about a free roaming Tomb Raider???Think like a Farcry 2 game in a bg jungle with hidden temples, explore the way you like.Little villages with NPC's to ask questions and give you quests,etc....THIS is the way to a next gen Tomb Raider game and it is possible.
I still care about the Tomb Raider games and i'm buying the new one but the next Tomb Raider needs a big change.

ShadesMoolah4241d ago

Free roaming would be good, and would also lend itself to co-op play, worked well for Crackdown.

DARKTRINITYxxx4241d ago

Hell no. Keep SP only. Im a huge Lara Croft fan and im enjoying TRU on my PS3.

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