Paper Mario: The Origami King (NSW) Review | SPC

Phil writes, "It's without much need to state that the direction that the Paper Mario series has gone has left plenty of fans of the classic style of the series in sour spirits. With each installment since The Thousand-Year Door going further and further away from the series' roots of turn-based, partner-focused combat with earned experience points from battles, there's a lot to dislike for this sect of the fanbase. However, while Sticker Star and Color Splash--released on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U respectively--were far from what fans wanted from the Paper Mario series, the games overall were enjoyable to a point.

Now, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems looked to fine tune the formula from its last two games, and the end result is Paper Mario: The Origami King. Right away I'll say that if you go in with wanting this to be another Thousand-Year Door, you're going to be disappointed. Go into the game with an open mind and a lust for adventure, and you'll get one of the better entries in the Paper Mario series to date."

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