RPCS3 now supports online play via PSN emulation

The RPCS3 team has announced that the best Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3, now supports online play via PSN emulation.

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Majin-vegeta8d ago

If they can get Killzone 2&Resistance online.I will build a pC just to play online

phoenixwing7d ago

i'd be more interested in getting white knight chronicles online to work. although that's more of a pipe dream since it got shut down so they probably don't have code to tell it the servers are up

Father__Merrin7d ago

white knight part 2 which included the 1st game was an excellent game man i miss it the overworld traversal had awesome visuals

gtxgamer27d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in white Knight multiplayer you can build your own small village right?

phoenixwing7d ago

i don't know. by the time i got the game the servers were shut down then i gave my ps3 to my nephew to play. I liked the game of the single player but i didn't get a chance to participate in the online unfortunately :I

Sephiroushin6d ago

Yes, you could... Most known villages were because the owner put resources for people to gather or the person was known for making guides etc...

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ssj277d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Add socom confrontation to that and wow I'm in .. sony did brought amazing games but leaved the online to third parties alone and that got to change on the ps5 i need my socom fix and a new Killzone.. i mean for all i know they cab using shadows fall ( i will even take killzone 2 assets enhanced) assets and bring us a f2p online experience 120fps 4k

Moe-Gunz7d ago

Socom Confrontation (post patches)
Killzone 2

umair_s517d ago

I have ordered my emulation rig. Waiting for it to arrive. See you online 👍

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Nuclearmoon7d ago

If they got MAG working, ill jump right on it

PurpHerbison7d ago

You'll just need 255 more people to jump on it with you.

7d ago
joejoejoe7d ago

Holy fffuuucccckkkk I want a MAG2 so bad. Maybe it 250 vs 250 with full vehicle support, objectives and character classes.

XxSPIDEYxX7d ago

This is pretty incredible! Warhawk, Resistance, Killzone, Fat Princess...the list goes on

TheEnigma3137d ago

Does any games work online on ps3?

web10177d ago

Only 2 confirmed working. Demon Souls and Bomberman Ultra. The rest of the games do not work yet. Note that this update came out only yesterday and has a lot of work ahead in order to get other games to work.

YoungKingDoran7d ago

There's an android app for Warhawk called Warhawk Reborn which lets you play matches online via a 'LAN' game. Works great, but otherwise like TheEnigma said

Ratchet757d ago

If few coders on their PC can run ps3 games, why can't Sony do it on the PS5?

Minute Man 7217d ago

"For the Gamers" that's why.

Remember no one buys a "new" system to play "older" games

King_Noctis7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

RPCS3 has long been in development (9 years to be exact), and yet it still doesn’t fully support every PS3 games. Plus, the system requirement for RPCS3 seem to be quite high, as someone on Twitter said that their system has rx 570 4g with ryzen 3700x and 16 gb ram and still couldn’t run a demo app properly.

Based on that, I think even Sony would struggle to emulate the PS3 properly, no matter how powerful the PS5 might be.

fsfsxii7d ago

Sony has the documentation for the sustem architecture and development. They could easily do it but they won’t.
If these free lance devs got their hands on those documents they could reverse engineer it in a short while

Edgelordsupreme7d ago

An RX 570 is not a high end GPU.

I'm also just going to say Sony has the documentation, its very different from some dudes piecing things together in their spare time.

Feralkitsune7d ago

IDK I have an older i7, and I played through all of Persona 5 on the emulator. So most modern CPUs shouldn't really struggle with it.

Rashford7d ago

I've been saying that for ages. If Sony puts more resources towards PS3 Emulator on PS4 or PS5 it's possible.

umair_s517d ago

Because Sony would rather milk every last dollar they can. They'll gladly sell you a remaster that will run at a "glorious" 1080p for a very reasonable $60. What they do not want is you buying a $5 PS3 disc from eBay and playing it on your PS4. They would brand them self as true next gen machine, forward looking. Who wants to play last gen games anyway right? Don't be fooled by smokes and mirrors.

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