Impressive Ghost of Tsushima Stats Revealed by PlayStation

Sucker Punch’s latest labor of love Ghost of Tsushima is certainly popular, and today PlayStation revealed quite a few interesting stats about the game.

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ArchangelMike11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I love Ghost of Tsushima, but I really don't get the point of stats like these. Number of copies sold, sure; but number of standoffs??? I don't get it.

What would be actually useful and informative would be something like, the number of people who have actually completed the game - in proportion to the number of copies sold. Heck tell us how many people are on their second playthrough, or how many people play the game on hard versus those that play on easy. Or how many people have got the platinum trophy, and have rinsed the game. How about the fastest completion time?

C'mon, if you're going to provide numbers, at least make sure they're actually insightful.

XabiDaChosenOne11d ago

I agree, this is straight out of the playbook of the folks at Redmond, Washington.

russo12111d ago (Edited 11d ago )

But for the Redmont folks it was to dissimulate poor sales data, in this case it's for fun purposes.

BehindTheRows11d ago

I knew someone was going to bring up Microsoft. Lest we forget the most important stats, sales, were already revealed and the game broke, and continues to break,records?

On top of that, how often are these types of stats revealed for PlayStation games (particularly with any sales data)? Easy answer.

potatoseal11d ago

They already said sales before... this is just for fun.

S2Killinit11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

As long as its not being used to cover up the fact that the real stats are being kept secret, as Xbox does,I dont mind these stats. Fun facts aside, Just dont ever hide the real numbers and we are good.

ZeroBlue211d ago

@russo121 Something that seems like it should be obvious to anyone, lol.

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VenomUK11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I completely agree with there being no need for the meaningless stats of total in-game actions taken by players. It’s what Microsoft did a lot at the start of this generation when Xbox One wasn’t selling well but it wanted to share high numbers to obfuscate the truth ‘x zombies killed’ etc. Ghosts has been a big achievement in so many areas, Sony please focus on the real milestones.

Gamehard11d ago

The difference here is Sony isn't releasing these stats to try to distract from less than great sales numbers. Sales have been phenomenal for this game as well.

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RememberThe35711d ago

I really don't get why you guys are talking this seriously. I don't get it when MS does it. They're just fun numbers to talk about. It doesn't always have to be some console war BS.

Abriael11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The point is having some fun with numbers.

Not everything in life needs to be serious business, useful, or even informative.

If you're not interested, this likely isn't for you.

Bumpy11d ago

Agreed. The satisfaction that comes from knowing players are making the most of your creation.

starchild11d ago

Agreed. It's just kind of fun to see what kind of engagement there has been with the game. I absolutely adore this game so it's nice to see people talking about it.

Some of these other commenters seem to have contracted a kind of 'Microsoft derangement syndrome', whereby anything Microsoft has done or said must be bad and should not be done by other gaming companies ever again.

It shouldn't be taken so seriously. Some of the stats might not be that interesting, but it's kind of cool to visualize how many instances of certain actions have been performed. I'm just glad that there is excitement around the game and strong engagement with it. I'm happy for Sucker Punch and I hope this means we'll get sequels.

ArchangelMike11d ago


But I am intersted that's why I clicked ont eh article. I was interested to find informative information. If the stats where about no. of people who have the platinum, or even who have completed the game, etc - it would still be for fun purposes, but it would also be actually insightful information.

Why exactly do we need the number of hours on horseback for?

Abriael11d ago

@ArchangelMike: Others have already explained it, but my answer is pretty simple. It's a fun little stat. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sitdown11d ago


You don't NEED to know any stats. How does it change your enjoyment regarding the game?

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Abnor_Mal11d ago

I wonder where the disagrees are coming from?

I agree with you, but if to just please everyone then add the meaningful, insightful stats along with the trivial stats.

Instead of just giving a partial picture of either side, just give us the whole picture. Since that didn't happen I can only think that within a weeks time there will be another article with those informative stats.

Why have one when you can have two, which means more traffic generated to the website.

jznrpg11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It’s fastest selling new IP from Sony ever last I saw . It sold like 2.4 million in 3 days . I’m sure you can find more stats of that ilk if you want .

TheProblem11d ago

I agree but at least they have revealed the sold numbers. They aren’t just using these stats as a distraction like a certain other company

brrdatisback11d ago

they're just interesting stats like the number of total hours spent dead in wow. they aren't meant to be more than that.

AnotherGamer11d ago

These stats are just for fun dude, come on.

Christopher11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

We've already had some sales submissions.

You can see what percentage of people have completed it via trophies.

Same with the platinum trophy.

These numbers are already out there, so why would they waste time on twitter with numbers available publicly?

As for the point? It's to show player involvement in the first 10 days. It's to show that people didn't just buy the game but actually played these specific elements of the game at such large numbers.

ArchangelMike11d ago

@ Christopher

I do get it. I take your point about information that is publicly available. I just feel it should have also been an opportunity to say something more meaningful. The amount of photo mode screen shots that are out there is sufficient evidence that peope are engaging with the game.

All I'm saying is that something like the number of people who are on their second run through, would inform somethingn like the desire for NG+. Heck even the soething like the stats for the percentage of people who used which armour could also inform future direction for DLC. Are more people playing as Ninja Jin, or Samurai Jin. etc etc.

RgR11d ago

These kinds of numbers are meant to show stats of the actual game.

Not sure what's hard to get.

Inforgrpahics do this kind of thing all the time. It can give you a sense of how people are playing.

GamingSinceForever11d ago

You really took the time to write out this complaint? Smh!

KwietStorm11d ago

What's not to "get" about number of standoffs? It tells you how many people approached the game this way instead of that way. It's a stat. It's simple. What makes platinum trophies or time beaten any more insightful? It's just another stat. The only difference is it's a specific statistic you were looking for. It ain't even that serious. They're just pointing out how much people did things in the grand total of 2 weeks the games been out.

Spenok11d ago

While the things you ask for would certainly be nice, some people like these other numbers as well.

SamTheGamer11d ago

Calm down. This is just a stats

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Kornholic11d ago

You can see the completion rate by checking the trophy percentage.

alb189911d ago

I feel very stupid playing as stealth with an Samurái armor jajajaja it is so silly

JesusBuiltmyHotrod11d ago

You are over thinking it, relax , gamers are so uptight.

ZeroBlue211d ago

It's just something fun, not meant to be taken super seriously. The only way it becomes a problem is when the stats become a substitute for sales numbers, but unlike other companies, Sony doesn't tend to do this.

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rpvenom11d ago

I would've liked if they showed how many hours I've played in my game so far. Just beat it and have no idea how long it took me.

swifty111d ago

I think a gameplay clock should be in EVERY game. It’s just nice seeing how long you’ve played a particular game for. I was shocked that I was able to sink almost 100 hrs into AC Odyssey, so yeah put it in every game!

starchild11d ago

I, too, wish this was available for every game on PS4. On Steam I can see how long I've played each game, but sadly this isn't available on PS4 (I don't know about the Xbox and Switch). It should be a basic feature for any platform, IMO.

11d ago
VincentCastle11d ago

true, I would love to have that feature.
xbox does it, alongside loads ef extra like how many times you've died, how many km's walked and so on.

switch has it too, but it's only updated every 5 hours of gameplay time, and the first 2-4 days, i don't know exactly how long, only then it starts updating. Which i find odd that they went this way, 3ds and wii u had a time stamp for each game by hours and minutes.

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waverider11d ago

The game is super cool, biggest new ip of the year, is breaking records. What is sad is when some use gamers that played the game since launch to say its a Hit when the game floped Hard...

mkis00711d ago

It didn't flop though...its well past 3 million sales already. Its a huge hit. Copies are still sold out at my local target.

Agent_00_Revan11d ago

What are you smoking? And can I have your dealers number?

DrDeath11d ago

Ya tell me my total playtime. Really hope it comes with an update and registers my current platinumed playthrough. One of 3 plats ever and im very interested how long i played.

Crazy i want to play it all again but its that addictive to explore and fight. 10/10 perfectly imperfect

robtion11d ago

Right. I'm fine with the silly pointless stats just for fun but calling the stats 'impressive'?

The game IS impressive(I got the plat, currently my GOTY), the sales are impressive. These stats though are... random stats.

ThereGoThatManQ11d ago

Crazy how people can’t still find shit to fight about in an article about stat recording....

galmi11d ago

Someones gonna mention MS when they did that earlier this gen, then someone will refute and say but for PS its just for fun not that the sales are bad, then someone will refute that, then another, my qualms have always been theatPS fanboys claim they have so many games to play yet they are in every topic, every headline commenting instead of playing games, why dont they leave xbox fanboys to comment since xbox has no games

ThereGoThatManQ11d ago

Well people aren’t always playing video games and some can’t afford consoles so they watch others play.

Console competition created great IPs like Zelda, Gears, and GoW.

Nothing is wrong with healthy comp but there is no reason to fight a useless argument of star recording.

Argue about the quality of the studios and their business practices, when we do that shit changes (swbf2).

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