Sega president Kenji Matsubara resigns

Former Tecmo Koei and Zynga Japan CEO leaves publisher after six years

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autobotdan11d ago

He failed to bring us Virtua Fighter 6 and Phantasy Star V. Goodbye get out

Godmars29011d ago

More like it took him so long to bring PSO2 West its now PSO3 - PSO2 has literally been around SOOOOOOO long, I mean it was on the Dreamcast FFS - they're afraid to change the name of its sequel! Have to give it a subtext subtitle!

bouzebbal11d ago

Good plan.. This guy is a loser

11d ago
FlavorLav0111d ago (Edited 11d ago )

No Virtua Fighter 6, no Jet Grind Radio sequel, didn’t help publish or fund Shenmue3, no new Sonic Adventure, crazy taxi, Shinobi, altered-beast, or golden axe reboots. No House of the Dead, Eternal Champions, fighting vipers. Sitting on so many viable IPs but western audiences have not been on Sega’s mind in a good while. I’d love to see a return to their former diverse line-up. Hope the leadership changes brings new & fresh ideas other than more Yakuza and Phantasy Star IMO.

Nebaku11d ago

So your notion of fresh ideas, is making sequels to 10 decade old franchises?

FlavorLav0111d ago (Edited 11d ago )

They’re called mascots. Many companies have staple character and IP. When they’re cool IPs in need of revitalizing after a long hiatus, skies are the limit on bringing new ideas to the table. Yes,
I think plenty of freshness can come to old franchises. Lord, we’ve only beat Batman to death for 50+ years.

LightofDarkness11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

None of those franchises sell anymore. They've been left on the shelf so long that they're no longer part of the gaming lexicon to anyone under 25 (if not 30). VF5 didn't exactly sell gangbusters, Shenmue 3 is a frigging disaster (they were right to avoid it), Sonic Adventure is so jank it would be an anachronism in this day and age and the rest are basically arcade games, which would need significant retooling to be captivating to a home console audience these days. Might as well use a new brand for recognition, rather than pulling out an old IP with an iffy quality record in those cases.

I mean, I loved the Dreamcast too, but it's been a hot minute, the world has turned.

RaiderNation11d ago

You nailed it. The gaming landscape has changed so much since 1999 (when the Dreamcast launched). The DNA of most Sega games was fast-paced/fast-twitch arcade games, get in get out. Which was perfect for arcades but for today's home console market, that stuff just wouldn't sell but to a very small group of gamers looking for a nostalgia trip.

ZeoZan11d ago

I read that as masturbates, im so sorry :(

lociefer11d ago

Well he'll have plenty of time for that now

Vanfernal11d ago

That's one hell of a way to resign. XD

RaiderNation11d ago

Boy', what a "jerk" for retiring!

Can't believe he "pulled" the trigger and left.

Not surprised. Sega never really "spanked" the competition.

I'll bet Sega never saw that "coming."

Sega will have to "beat off" the candidates wanting to replace him!

talocaca11d ago

Not surprised.

Sega has so much potential! Yet, little is done.

They've had some success with games like Yakuza or Persona (published by Atlus).

Sonic deserves better, Virtua Fighter deserves better, Ghost of Tsushima is the Shinobi we deserve, House of the Death VR? A sequel to Rez Infinite?

At least Nintendo rescued Bayonetta.

Decadent_Descent11d ago

I see this as good news. Hopefully new leadership will shake Sega up a little.

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