EA publishing Mercenaries 2

When Mercenaries 2: World in Flames was first unveiled at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, one big question was left unanswered. Though it was announced for the PlayStation 3, the sequel to the 2005 cult hit apparently did not have a publisher.

Today, though, BioWare/Pandemic revealed it has struck a deal with one of the most traditional publishers of all, Electronic Arts. The agreement will see EA distribute Mercenaries 2 through its EA Partners program much like it does Valve Software's hit shooter Half-Life 2. According to a press release from the publisher, the game is set for a holiday 2007 release, and is still exclusive to the PS3.

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zonetrooper54906d ago

I think it will come to the Xbox 360 now that EA is the publisher. Although they could make a toned down version of this game for the Nintendo Wii.

soccerstar4906d ago

even though they say its still exclusive i doubt that. If anything it will be a timed exclusive but im guessing a simultaneous launch on the ps3 and 360

Maldread4906d ago

I couldn`t agree more, if this is an exclusive it will only be at a limited time. With EA as the publisher, this game will be multiplatform.

Sphinx4906d ago

I liked the first one a lot.

FFVIIFan4906d ago

I'm sure this will come to the 360, but I think it'll be a couple months after the PS3 release.

TheMART4906d ago

What makes you think that?

The release is set on the holidays. Holidays sells games. I bet there will be a 360 version launched at the same day just before Christmas 2007

FFVIIFan4906d ago

EA never has been picky about putting a game out when a deadline comes up. I only think that makes me still believe it will be at least a timed exclusive is the fact that EA said it still is. If they're going to release it on both systems they'll have to get it ready for the 360. That would require sometime and for them to say its still is an exculsive just makes me think they're not going to spend the time to release it on the 360 also, at least on the same date.

TheMART4906d ago

Well I know a few other games that held up the 'exclusive' story for some time, but in the end will be out on the same date for multiple systems.

Remember Assassins Creed? And what about Unreal Tournament?
For a long time they said: it's exclusive, or it's not yet announced...
I expect this game to be announced just before or just after the summer for the 360 also for the upcoming holidays

soccerstar4906d ago

hey guys just found this on the mercs 2 website forums
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Guys, please, let's stop the 360 / PS3 speculation before this becomes a console wars thread.

It's all speculation at this point. Today's announcement has done nothing to change our long-standing, er, stance... sing along if you know the words...

The only console we have announced support for is the PS3. However, we continue to evaluate and explore all the hardware options for Mercenaries 2. If we have additional platform support to announce, we will make a very loud, clear announcement about it.
Our OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE does not include the word "exclusive".

So, what do you guys think about the news we DID announce?

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