New Nintendo Wii Leak Reveals Early Prototype Wiimote, Wii Startup Disc Code, & Unreleased Games

There was just recently another Nintendo Gigaleak, this time with an early prototype Wiimote, along with the entire Wii startup disc code, unreleased Wii games, and much more.

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whitbyfox10d ago

Saw the Wii prototype controllers years ago, one was a disk with Starman on it.

Blank10d ago

Man that same consistent thumbnail haha!... But on to the topic this is great for video game history preservation. And my goodness I seriously wonder how many red alert alarm bells are blaring at Nintendo HQ. I can't even begin to imagine their changes moving forward the IT Dept and other 3rd parties with access even in a limited manner are going to be hit HARD! After all this.