Rocket Arena coming to EA Access and Origin Access July 31st

Rocket Arena spite releasing just 2 weeks ago. Is now entering the vault tomorrow the 31st of July.

EA Access is a subscription service for PS4 and XB1
Origin Access is a subscription service for PC

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Vits9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

EA is doing everything to save this game.
They dropped the price to $5 in all stores (minus Steam, because reasons), made a free to play weekend and now are adding it to their subscription services. And of that in just two weeks after launch.

At this point I feel they should just make it free to play.

Endyo9d ago

I was surprised they had it in Premier to begin with. The base subscription has been pretty lackluster for a while.

sho0ok_28d ago

The game is already Dead... Can't find any players to play with and takes ages in the lobby and still can't find any game. Free to play is the way to go.

Good game but waist of 30 USD since I can't find anyone to play with.