National Football League Players Association And 2K Games Announce Deal To Put NFL Players In Games

It will be interesting to see what they come up with. There was a deal reached with the league which would allow the teams but now there can be specific players. Multiple NFL video games in development to include football’s most prominent star players.

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OtterX121d ago

It only took 15 years! Good to hear.

Garethvk121d ago

I think the current situation helped. Without fans in the stadiums the Salary Cap will be lower next year and so they will need to find ways to make up the revenue.

OtterX121d ago

I wish the NCAA would come to an agreement with somebody. College ball has always been my favorite, and I hate that there's no option at all for fans.

Garethvk121d ago

Big issue with that is CA and I think others have said the players need to be able to get a cut of the money. The NCAA does not want this and they know if they sign a deal for games then they will have to pay.

zeuanimals120d ago

@OtterX: That would require paying the college players and acknowledging their worth. The NCAA can't have that.

Name Last Name120d ago

I am not familiar with american football games. Does Madden not have NFL players?

Garethvk120d ago

They do. This i2K games as they are getting back into the NFL games business.

Dee_91120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

yes, and madden only

we need blitz and nfl street like last decade.
although in this pc culture i don't think they would allow for real players to receive steroid shots on the bench in the new blitz..

badboyz09120d ago

This deal is for Non-simulations games. EA renewed the NFL Deal till 2025 in march.

Garethvk120d ago

What do you think they will do as they said they have several coming.

RememberThe357120d ago

Mobile. Or maybe a new Blitz game. If it was a return to simulation style for 2k I'd be pumped but this is just gonna be more shovelware.

Profchaos120d ago

So like NFL street style games are ok

GoodGuy09120d ago

Well damn, we all know 2k nfl will still be full of mts but I honestly cant wait to see this one. Its been so long.

LostinthePANIC120d ago

I still play 2k5 with updated fan made rosters lmao

TheColbertinator120d ago

If it is like Blitz or Street then I would pick it up

purposed2k120d ago

Imagine it to be like NBA Playgrounds 2.

MagicLebronJordan120d ago

NFL Street and Blitz were great games.

badboyz09120d ago

EA bough the rights to blitz

Garethvk120d ago

I think something different would be welcome.

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