Haven Dev Wants to Use PS5's 120FPS and DualSense Haptics to Make Gliding Feel as Smooth as Possible

Haven Creative Director Emeric Thoa said he plans to use PS5's up to 120 FPS frame rate and DualSense haptics to make gliding feel great.

However, he also confirmed that the game will be coming to 'as many platforms as possible' when asked about an Xbox Series X version.

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Stephamphetamine12d ago

I love seeing indie/smaller studios taking advantage of next gen as much as possible.

I_am_Batman12d ago

I wouldn't say that high framerate games take advatage of next gen as much as possible. In a sense it's quite the opposite. Higher framerates mean smaller render budget. At 120fps you only have around 8ms to draw each frame.

With all else being equal, this means that the render- and simulation complexity has to be low enough to fit into this render budget. Aiming for comparatively low complexity means that the people working on the game have an easier job creating the assets and writing the code.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro12d ago

I'm happy that both Xbone and PS devs are finally talking about frame rates. Shows that they aren't dumb and that they are truly embracing the power of these new consoles.

KwietStorm11d ago

What's the disagrees about

JWave11d ago

I personally find framerate almost irrelevant. Don't get me wrong... 120fps is great, but the most important thing to me is stability and consistency. I want steady fps even under full load.

Games1st11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Disagrees are people that want 30fps. Graphics would be the same and requirements would be low spec, might as well get 120fps.

cwhit12211d ago

he referenced Xbox..thats the only reason for the disagrees

potatoseal11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

120 fps should not be aimed for. Go for 60 fps if you want. I understand for a car racing games that 120 fps is great. But for other games? Just aim for 60 fps if you want. Drop the 120 fps target. I want visuals to look better than current gen at the very least

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thesoftware73012d ago ShowReplies(6)
KilluaX312d ago

"PS5's 120FPS"
"plans to use PS5's up to 120 FPS frame rate"

The game can be 300fps on PS5 if the developer gets it running at those frame rates.

GamerRN11d ago

Actually no it can't


Father__Merrin11d ago

60 is sufficient in a game like this

ForwardDude11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Like this what? Are you a member of the team? If you decided before even knowing the type of game it's gonna be how can indies devs can innovate?

KwietStorm11d ago

This mentality is exactly why developers forever treat consoles like secondary citizens.

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The story is too old to be commented.