How Flight Simulator delivers maximum fidelity visuals

Microsoft's Flight Simulator is every bit as spectacular as we hoped it would be. Footage released to date has highlighted its almost photo-realistic approach to rendering - and yes, the game fully delivers there - but what's more difficult to illustrate is the unprecedented detail level from the macro to the micro level, on a literally global scale.

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Minute Man 7211393d ago

"Using a base mesh and textures, the game utilises your internet connection to stream even higher quality terrain data onto your PC as you play, via the Azure cloud. It is a novel way to boost the game's fidelity and diversity that I've yet to see in any other release. This is indeed a fully fledged 'power of the cloud' implementation that delivers something that just wouldn't be possible to the same fidelity with a conventional download."

The powa of the ☁ is close at hand

crazyCoconuts1393d ago

As you pass over Pacific City, if you look down you'll see Crackdown 3.

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King_Noctis1393d ago

Da powah of da cloud done right this time.

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Rocketisleague1393d ago

As a user of azure..meh, aws is better

ABizzel11393d ago

The game looks amazing graphically. However, hearing the tech which is amazing as well, is also kind of scary they give real-time global weather and flight paths for real planes, and that could be some dangerous information easily accessible to people ready to commit terrorist acts.

mixelon1393d ago

This information is already out there. Plane hijackings almost never happen. Flight sims aren’t going to make a difference, however realistic they get.

sprinterboy1393d ago

You can get that on a flight tracker app ffs

Christopher1393d ago

ABizzel1, you can get that info on Google right now. It's public info.

Christopher1393d ago

Just FYI, the reason it's public is so that private plane owners know this info and don't cause issues with commercial and other private flights. What isn't normally publicly presented is when a plane diverts from its flight path. That tends to be handled in real-time and is reported after the fact to the public.

ABizzel11393d ago

You learn something every day.

yoshatabi1392d ago

You really think terrorist already done have access to those kind of things? Not that difficult to obtain such info

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Ezio20481393d ago

I wonder what would happen if top open world developers like Rockstar, CD Projekt start using cloud to generate open worlds.

ElementX1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

The cloud isn't generating the world, it's transferring data. It might be possible, but pointless for open world games because game worlds aren't that large. This is basically the planet and there's no way to store all that data locally without using TBs of space. A huge game world can fit on current drives