Konami is working on a new Castlevania mobile game called Moonlight Rhapsody

Konami has partnered up with Chinese game development studio Shengqu Games to make a new Castlevania game for mobile called Moonlight Rhapsody.

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OtterX13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

And this is why games like Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle exist. Konami is too busy chasing the mobile money to pay proper attention to their cult classics on the consoles, where the fanbase primarily games. So glad to finally see spiritual successors being made elsewhere by the original creators!

phoenixwing13d ago

It's a good thing the creators are into console releases or else it would be disappointing times without them. I bought bloodstained and backed the kickstarter for eiyuden chronicle

12d ago

Silent Hill Mobile coming next LOL

SullysCigar13d ago

Omg don't even joke about it lol

Gamerking8212d ago

Oh please don’t even joke about that , it’s one of my all time fave franchises . I would literally break down in tears and cry for days .

maelstromb13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

#whocares Konami is dead to fans.

LoveSpuds13d ago

I care, Konami hold the rights to so many fantastic games series, its seems like such a waste for them to treat great titles like Castlevania with such indifference.

jeremyj291313d ago

Really wish they'd start selling them off.

GamingonPhone13d ago

PES is pretty popular though :)

MightyHealthy12d ago

I'm not sure if you jest but PES is a very successful franchise

Gamerking8212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I still have too have that bit faith pal that Konami will one day realise that there games are a gold scratch that diamond mine . And if they remake aka Capcom . If not then that company is sorry to say dead too me . Castlevania, Silient Hill, Metal Gear , Spatterhouse, Too name a few . Hell my fave 2 arcade machines TMNT and The Simpson’s . Come on Konami !

Chexs199013d ago

Just sell the damn IP's to Capcom already man.

jeremyj291313d ago

Capcom has there own great IPs that are being ignored right now

Shinox13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Do you seriously suggest current Capcom to own a niche IP like this after they lost all of their staff ?

Chexs199012d ago

Would have suggested Square, but I don't think they would be able to handle their IP's very well

FreeckyCake13d ago

Nope. Unless if you want all Castlevania games being remade and have meaningless content in the game, then another big NOPE. Castlevania's lore is so vast that it makes Devil May Cry looks like a little kitten.

Chexs199012d ago

But they would already have a roadmap precisely because of that though :)

Gamerking8212d ago

I know it’s really sad man what had became of one of the best publishers ever

FreeckyCake10d ago

@chexsx1990 what about the original team? can Capcom also hire them? I guess not!

FreeckyCake10d ago

@gamerking82 yeah man, they were a blast since the NES era. Sadly, people only played 5 games from their gigantic library....

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Gamerking8213d ago

lost all respect from me at Trash Mobile !

TricksterArrow12d ago

I could somewhat forgive this if this was a COMPLETE game for mobile. As in: you purchase the game and that's it, no gacha nor predatory microtrasanctions, and it could even be ported or adapted later to consoles as a cheaper digital arcade-y title. BUT, that is most definitely not going to happen, and this will be a game full of MT. :D

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