Fairy Tail Is Out Today For PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Fairy Tail is out today for home consoles and PC. To celebrate this release, Koei Tecmo has shared a trailer for the game.

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ThePsychoGamer11d ago

I'm still unsure if I'll get this, I generally love Gust games, but the Fairy tale series is terrible.

Sephiroushin10d ago

Games is good, kinda like the old Ateliers (wish newer one were like this tbh) ... But If you dislike the series then better dont get it... At least not yet, maybe on a price drop...
If on PC then dont, the port is so bad i had to refund, outside of battle even at constant 60 fps and a constant frame pacing the ps4 ver @30fps feels much smother!
Maybe if they let uncap the fps games would not be hell!