Fable Is Hard To Bring Back In The Same Way Star Wars Was, Xbox Boss Says

Xbox's Matt Booty speaks how the new Fable will balance history with trying new things.

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Obscure_Observer368d ago

Playground is a very talented studio and i´m sure they´ll deliver a great game.

Simon_the_sorcerer368d ago

Yes indeed, and I have waited a very long time for a new Fable game. So I wish them the best of luck with everything.

darthv72368d ago

I know I'm ready for some next gen chicken kicking adventures.

pinkcrocodile75368d ago

Can't wait. Playground Games alll I can say is Pob Lwc

bouzebbal368d ago

We saw how they brought back Star Wars in kinect..

umair_s51367d ago

Gotta love the anti-xboxism on this website. Sometimes I wonder if this website is paid by Sony.

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monkey602368d ago

I cant wait to see what they do. I love it when a talented studio comes out of their comfort zone and tries something different

cesar4368d ago

The only thing they’ve made has been Forza Horizon. While that game has been popular it’s hard to
say they have any kind of pedigree for for a game like Fable.

Minute Man 721368d ago

@ cesar

GG did something different and we got HZD

Ausbo368d ago

It’s a totally new team of people with experience doing big budget games. From rockstar, rocksteady and lots of high profile studios. It’s really only the playground leadership that’s overseeing the studio.

DiRtY368d ago


It is not like they hired a bunch of graduates to develop Fable.

NeoGamer232368d ago

I think the like of Playground Games is more about how they took a dying genre which was arcade racers and completely have redefined it and in the four Horizon games, each time they have really built on redefining the genre. They are essentially the top of arcade racing games.

Now, there is no guarantee that they can do the same with Fable for sure. But, it is culture and their current reputation that defines the potential and excitement that people like me have for their Fable game. That trailer did very little to provide gameplay but it did reveal an extreme attention to detail. The entire environment looked great. Not a single article I have found says anything otherwise.

I am not going to get a nextgen console this year, but Fable could be one of the games that pushes me there and looks like it will be a fresh take on the RPG genre.

darthv72368d ago

How is a studio going to know what they are capable of if they dont step outside the box now and then?

rainslacker367d ago

They showed they can improve on what is pretty much a genre that doesn't have much room to grow beyond driving physics and graphics. That takes some talent in my book. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to making a Fable game, and while they aren't known for anything but Forza, their success is worth giving them the chance to grow. Several studios have grown beyond what they're known for this gen, and it can't hurt for others to try.

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neutralgamer1992368d ago

This is my favorite Xbox exclusive and I hope this series gets the proper positive attention

Playground please do this series justice and make an awesome game

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gravedigger368d ago

How about to develop a NEW IP if you scared to bring Fable back, PlayGround?

badz149367d ago

wait...did they just put Fable in the same league as Star Wars??

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Kitt92368d ago

Shouldn’t have got rid of lionhead studios then

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Atom666368d ago

After Peter left, who was there that you would point to with confidence as a good leader for the future?

All the things that we loved about Lionhead were tied to the old dreamer. I'm sure there was talent left behind, but does it outweigh the talent and passion coming from the Playground group.

Those guys showed promise and a desire to be a top studio in the industry. I'd have voted for the new guys too.

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darthv72368d ago

Many of their talent has been absorbed by other studios. They only went away in name but not spirit. Playground will do their legacy right.

WeAreLegion368d ago

Lionhead's best talent left to form Media Molecule. You can see the drop in quality at that point.

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sprinterboy368d ago

As long as they keep the British humour in there it should be fine, if they choose a different direction then wow that would be a big mistake imo.

Obscure_Observer368d ago


Playground is a British studio. If the announcement trailer didn't give you a hint about what to expect regarding "British humour" in that game, I don´t what you´re expecting them to deliver.

sprinterboy368d ago

I know it's a British dev, it's Leamington Spa, 12 miles away from me haha.
All I'm saying is let's hope they don't change direction.

sprinterboy368d ago

Also a 30second trailer showing a frog eat a fairy/pixie doesn't mean its gonna be all British humour?

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Bathyj368d ago

I remember a time when it seemed like Fable was so over done, it was in the Halo gears Forza conversation. But I actually think it's been long enough to bring it back. I just hope they do a good job. I know Playground is a quality Dev but at racing Games. Can they make an RPG? And one with this much expectation? I hope so. I really do.

chiefJohn117368d ago

At what point in time was Fable ever over done?

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Ausbo368d ago

It wasn’t. They just took the franchise in the wrong direction. Kinect, multiplayer, etc.

TheColbertinator368d ago

You tripping. Only time Fable was unwelcomed we because of that Kinect game

Bathyj368d ago

If you don't remember people saying Xbox was just Halo fable Forza gears then I don't don't know what to say to you.

And I don't see what me tripping has to do with anything.

Godmars290368d ago

I don't believe that the five player they canceled that was supposedly done was a full Kinect title. Doubt if it used Kinect at all.

chiefJohn117368d ago

There's been 3 Fable games and a Kinect game for the entire existence of the Xbox brand. If that's over done then idk what to say to you

MrSwankSinatra368d ago

During the 360 era it was literally Halo Forza Gears Fable, as being the only exclusives Microsoft had in rotation. People who dont remember clearly were kids.

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OtterX368d ago

Yes, Microsoft needs Fable now.

Playground is very talented at building worlds, but they need to bring in some rpg veterans to tackle the new challenge outside of a racing game. I'm sure they are, and I'm interested to see what talent they have acquired. I'm sure some Lionhead vets have joined.

Bathyj368d ago

Yeah they would definately need to get a lot of new people. There's more to making a big RPG then geography geometry..

whateverman368d ago

And with all the new tech available, perhaps some of the things Pete envisioned can be realized now.

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Obscure_Observer368d ago

"I remember a time when it seemed like Fable was so over done, it was in the Halo gears Forza conversation."

Because that´s what a some insecure PS fanboys do all the time when comes to Nintendo and MS while GT and R&C gets a free pass on PS5. Plus, MS announced 3 new Xbox IPs while Sony had ZERO announced for the PS5. But I´m sure they will continue to sell some twisted narrative regardless.

"Can they make an RPG? And one with this much expectation? I hope so. I really do."

Playground made clear that they want to expand their open world expertise to other genres but they´re not familiar whit RPGs. That´s why they now have a new big second studio with 200+ employees empowered with very talented industry devs from the biggest industry studios, including names from ex Naughty Dog and Santa Monica studios.

Chances are really small for Fable to turn out an average/bad game.

XabiDaChosenOne368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

"That´s why they now have a new big second studio with 200+ employees"
"Chances are really small for Fable to turn out an average/bad game."
*Looks at Halo Infinite empowered by 1500 devs
Not sure I'm following...

rainslacker367d ago

Good to have you back Obscure.:)

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ForwardDude368d ago

I will be excited for Fable when gameplay is shown. For all we know, it could be another Crackdown 3, Recore or Halo Infinite. We just don't know.

Kavorklestein368d ago

Recore is a fun game, reminds me of a mix between Metroid Prime and Zelda Kinda.
Crackdown 3, even tho not the revolutionary title they were hyping it up to be, is a lot of fun.

Godmars290368d ago

Still, people were talking about it as if it was going to be a definitive title. Set a standard on the Xbox. Instead, if not for the hype, its largely been forgotten.