Former Microsoft Exec Says Wii Movie Services "Expected"

Former Microsoft Senior Executive, Colin Dixon, discussed the trend in movie delivery services coming to video game consoles. When speaking on the services offered versus consumer appeal in Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, Dixon commented that "(Nintendo) Wii hasn't delivered any movie services, but once they do, and we expect them to do that, they will have a much broader set of content."

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IanCube4244d ago

It's really interesting that he "expects" movie services from Nintendo to come. He's not saying it may happen, or that its a possibility. Expecting means in his mind, its a given.

I think to a lot of Nintendo fans, this is really interesting perspective from a guy who's been in the the industry a long time.

Dixon was voted one of the Top 50 most influential people in IPTV by IPTV Evangelist.

ScottBarkman4244d ago

Wow.... I find this really hard to believe. Up until the Wii, Nintendo was really closed minded when it came to extra endeavorers. It was solely about the games. You are starting to see this change, but ever so slowly. If he expects Nintendo to have a movie service - it'll be several consoles down the road.