PlayStation Documentary Featuring Hideo Kojima, Mark Cerny and More Announced for September

The documentary covers the rise of PlayStation, from the original console's launch in 1995 to the current generation.

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Flawlessmic423d ago

Awesome, excited to watch this, while im an all round gamer and have owned most consoles since the ps1, playstation has always delivered the goods for me as my main platform of choice so this will fun to watch!

purple101423d ago

Dreamcast, best ever. But yeh nothings comming close to playstation.

All these comments on here, I just laugh, it's not Even a close contest.

I am very pro playstation, but over the years had every Console since Megadrive (was callled genesis is usa)

Flawlessmic423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

man sega megadrive was my first console!

Played the shit out of sonic,2,3,pinball, altered beast, ninja turtles, good times 🤙

We call it megadrive down here in australia aswell, where u from ?

But yes im the same when it comes to sony as a whole no one touches sony, they done it better for longer and consistently from the word go, they will always be my go to while everyone can wait for the slim version before i pick them up.

OtterX423d ago

Yea, I game on all platforms to some extent, yes even XBox.. but Playstation has been my go-to gaming home since the PS1.

Flawlessmic423d ago

i had a 360 and have a xone, 360 was great before my red rings of death and xone honestly i have to say has collected dust these last 2 years, i jump on every now and then to see whats new on game pass right now im in between playing ghosts of tsushima and the masterchief collection as even though infinite didnt have great showing it game me the urge to replay the first 3 halos atleast

OtterX423d ago

@Flawlessmic XBox 360 was great. I owned PS3/360/Wii during that era and really enjoyed things like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Kameo, and a guilty pleasure was Viva Piñata, lol They really did put a bad taste in my mouth w the red rings though. By the time my 3rd system red ringed, I swore off the system. I did however start gaming XB1 on PC this gen, mainly just Forza and Forza Horizon. It just never had the same appeal of titles as last gen for me.

Still for me, the Playstation platform has pumped out the great franchises most consistently. I play Nintendo to give what we call "saudades" here, nostalgia for my childhood. Great to introduce to my kids. I also needed a new handheld after my Vita fizzled out.

Flawlessmic423d ago

kameo brings back memories for me, great game, would love a sequal actually.

Fight night 3, oblivion, mass effect, gears 1 and halo 3 were all awesome for me but my 360 broke down completely after that so i still missed out on a lot of good games unfortunantly. Ms havebt deluvered at all this gen but the ps4 and switch have more than made up for it

422d ago
Hikoran423d ago

I'd be very interested to see that! Kojima or not, I love more insider knowledge of the industry and it's games. Similar to Noclip on YouTube.

morganfell422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

I started in the PC but when the PlayStation premiered I fell in love with that world and it was my gaming counterpart to PC and always my go to.

NoClip does some great work. Really liked Unforeseen Consequences.

neutralgamer1992423d ago

Would be very interesting if at the end sony announces acquiring kojima productions

sprinterboy423d ago

We always hype things up as gamers cause we're so giddy and I'm sure this is just a great documentary but you never know if there is something
more too it haha

wolf581423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Where philips cdi and panasonic 3do failed...Sony managed with playstation to flourish the videogame industry...thnks to that we have so many games ...thnks to that we have xbox....thnks to that we have competitive videogame market....thnks to that we have so advanced 9th generation coming...but we must not forget too the grandfathers of video game consoles sega and Nintendo....the gods of innovative gameplay..... many thnks to jpn from me..they took an idea from west and they manage to give as an art of low cost entertainment....

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