Yakuza Director Heaps Praise on Ghost of Tsushima, Laments Restrictions of Japanese Game Development

Toshihiro Nagoshi the charismatic and colourful character behind the Yakuza series, has spoken at length about his appreciation for the recently released PS4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima. Despite being set on the Japanese island of the same name, Ghost of Tsushima was developed by Bellevue-based studio Sucker Punch, and Nagoshi thinks that Westerners sometimes have a knack for pleasing Japanese audiences.

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morganfell174d ago

"There’s like a notion that Westerners don’t understand things (about Japan), but that hypothesis itself is mistaken,"

Another stick in the eye to these pandering journalists caterwauling over a Western company making a game about Japan.

There was an idea mentioned in the Ghost of Tsushima Bonus material for the Collector's Edition. I'll expand on that. An Italian Director, copying a Japanese Director, made movies in Spain...about the American Old West. And they are some of the most memorable movies in the Western genre. Commonly referred to as Spaghetti Westerns and the formula was perfected by Sergio Leone.

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isarai174d ago

Well it goes both ways, and if you're someone who like Japanese games and pays attention to the industry it's infuriating as hell with how many times they censor, alter, or redact things from their games because westerners "wouldn't understand". i'm not even talking just sexualized things. Entire activities, missions, and levels have been cut from games because westerners "wouldn't understand". I remember they cut the gambling den and hostess club from yakuza 3-4 because of that. Hell often we just don't get entire games because of that mindset, it's aggravating

Hakuoro174d ago

Only 3 cut the hostess part. Yakuza 4 has the hostess clubs.

isarai174d ago

Yeah my bad, haven't played 3/4 in a while, wasn't sure which one, still, twas dumb

RgR173d ago

That censorship is done by corporations not by demand from actual western gamers.

The idea that we wouldn't understand is their own interpretation and isn't necessarily a reality.

RgR173d ago

Unfortunately journalists nowadays are more into inserting politics and division than true journalism.

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Bathyj173d ago

I honestly don't think any Japanese developer would have done a better job than Sucker Punch did. They got every mark.

Can I just shout out how good the bamboo strikes feel. I think I only ever did one of them on my first attempt. Most took multiple tries. But when you nailed it and it cut through smooth man it felt so good.

Elda173d ago

Agreed. When I finally got it & would have a "YES!" smile on my face.

RgR173d ago

They feel very good.
I also like that it does require some practice.
The failure of cutting thru them also felt satisfying to when it stops at that last bamboo...there are also two different failing animations.

Bathyj173d ago

If it was easy it wouldn't make you Samarai

Nanas173d ago

Japanese devs don't have the money or manpower to do real AAA stuff.

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ShadowWolf712173d ago

Capcom and Square Enix say hi.

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Christopher173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

It was always the ones that mixed multiple buttons with L1 that got me for the full 7 bamboo strikes. What helped me was turning it into a musical beat process in my head similar to DDR.

Edit: And 100% agree with your assessment that this game feels like an homage to 50s/60s era Samurai cinema. I wish they had more time to flesh out some of the side quests more and get rid of a few others, it would have been an even better presentation. But, the Tales were really well done and the ending is beautiful in its presentation and visual aspects.

I hope everyone chose the path of Honor at the end.

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RgR173d ago

Glad to see a Japanese dev speak truth to the actual haters out there who don't think other people can correctly represent other cultures.
This belief divides cultures and people and does not unite anything or anyone.

Nanas173d ago

tl;dr marketing people keep saying we can't do things

Sooooooooooo stop listening to the dumbass marketing people? Having middle-aged guys as protags works out totally fine even in Japan, look at anime like Tiger & Bunny or manga like After the Rain.

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