Marvel’s Avengers Levels Up with the Power of PlayStation 5 Hardware

Crystal Dynamics shares the vast improvements of Marvel's Avengers it has achieved with the power of the PlayStation 5 hardware.

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Flawlessmic547d ago

Still not sure how i feel about this game and if it will be good or not but if i do get it ill just wait till i have a ps5 and get that version.

Glad to hear they are putting the ps5 to good use though

UltraNova547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

To be honest the latest demo showed some promise. It seems it has good elements and some thought went into the gameplay design with particular focus on co-op. Let's see how it'll turn out, for now, I remain cautiously optimistic.

BlackDoomAx546d ago

Wow, after i saw this, I almost bought it

Sunny_D546d ago

That looks so much better than what we were seeing before.

Christopher546d ago

It looks like cinematic fueled basic action combat. You have a heavy attack, a light attack, a few combos, and a timed super attack. It's basic as heck combat, people, being sold with graphics rather than actual worthwhile combat. Instead of a fully fleshed out combat system, you perform the same combos that look different with different characters. It's a mobile game made for console gamers. It's pretty but shallow. And your end goal is to repeat combat over and over for a chance to unlock higher tier gear to do more damage or to unlock skins.

I do not get why people are so easily sold on this game.

UltraNova546d ago (Edited 546d ago )


No, you should wait until after the game is out.


Yes it is, but it still has basic and repetitive combat mechanics.


No one is rushing out to pre-order this. It's obvious that it's designed to extract as much money as possible from buyers. All I said is that the latest demo was a marked improvement over their last showing which was abysmally bad.

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gamer7804547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

the action looks fun, but I'm guess generic robot story with giant head villain won't be that great. I really wish scarlet whitch was the main character, that would be awesome, love her power more than stretchy arms. I'm still getting it though.

RauLeCreuset546d ago

You can upgrade to the PS5 version for free if you buy the PS4 version.

gamer7804547d ago

I know really wish they would have picked a better character, above I mentioned scarlet witch just to name one. but any other would have been a step up, I'm just not a fan of the Gumby arms.

UltraNova546d ago

Maybe Marvel is pushing Ms. Marvel through the game in a way to increase awareness of the character before introducing her into the MCU?

gamer7804546d ago

@ultra it’s possible. I just don’t like her super power, also he outfits look weird.

UltraNova546d ago

Agreed, seeing her in action she kinda looks to have similar smashing abilities to Hulk, only stretchier if that makes sense.

CobraKai546d ago

I agree. She woulda been perfect during the old days where systems needed mascots and such; maybe have a solo game, but to be pushed to the forefront when you have a team of better characters, kinda sucks.
Scarlet Witch would have been awesome. Are there even X-Men in this game?

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Hikoran546d ago

It basically looks like Destiny/Warframe/Name a grinder but with Avengers, I'm not a massive fan of those types of games but this is definitely a type I'd probably enjoy given the expansive universe to draw from.

BlackDoomAx546d ago

Precisely the kind of game I want right now. I hope that my friends will follow me...

RememberThe357546d ago

Burnt out on Destiny and Warframe?

BlackDoomAx544d ago

I liked destiny but quit cause I didn't like the economic model. Warframe never appealed to me. And I'm in a Marvel phase :)

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waverider546d ago

Got Huge doubt about this....

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