The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare marches to PS4 August 5

The Mean Greens is a colorful action-packed online third person shooter from the perspective of toy soldiers! Join matches of up to 10 players to jump, shoot, and roll your way into victory. The game features 21 unique map layouts set in 15 locations throughout a full scale home. Fight in close quarters inside a freezer or jump into a buggy and cruise along sand dunes in a sandbox.

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Relientk77425d ago

The nostalgia from Army Men 3D is hitting me hard with this one. Such good times. Can't believe it took so long to get another plastic army man game. Would love to see the Army Men 3D series return too.

monkey602425d ago

This looks great. I like that they tried something a little different with the game modes

I had never heard of it on PC before. It has great feedback on steam just seems the community has died a bit.