Ubisoft Talks About the Fire in Far Cry 2

Softpedia: "Far Cry 2 was a very good game that offered players quite a lot of interesting features, never employed in any other titles, and which took realism to new heights in game design. From the weapons that begin to jam if you use them too much, to the fact that you need to fix your car in order to keep it running, everything seems real and believable.

We reviewed it and praised it quite a lot because it definitely changed the way players looked at other shooters. One of the most interesting features of the game was undoubtedly the fire. It spread on the African savanna like... wildfire, scorching everything in its path. The wind or the rain had a serious impact on it and, depending on your goal, it could either help you or really hurt you."

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morganfell3641d ago

I notice Ubisoft doesn't address the retarded Vehicle Checkpoint rebuilding and respawning that is so retarded in the game.

ShinFuYux3641d ago

It really takes away the realism. I've only seen three animals in the whole game (chickens, zebras, and those deer type of animal that always seem to run infront of your car when it sees you.)

Come on Ubi, add more animals.

PS360PCROCKS3641d ago

Oh please I have Far Cry 2 in my disk tray right now and yeah no it's not that realistic. The guns only jam if they were once an enemies, the game just forces you to buy your own that never jam. I had issues with rockets that never fired, only made noise. Half the time the fire doesn't do anything. Barrel full of fire? I can kick or shoot it over and what happens? NOTHING! Sometimes fire doesn't even spread but sounds like it's burning down a house. I mean the game is cool and pretty realistic but ultimately frustrating