Why is FFXI Ignoring the Wii? How About a Chrono Sequel?

1up is not surprised that Wii (and GameCube) is one of the only platforms where Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI hasn't landed on, but that isn't so much due to Square Enix declining a new revenue stream, but Nintendo being finicky on handling their online infrastructure, reports Cubed3.

Speaking to Square Enix senior VP Hiromichi Tanaka, the exec. clarified the situation, saying he didn't think the hardware could handle the game -- how would the remote control everything, anyway? Here's the kicker: Square Enix is currently in negotiations with Nintendo to ease restrictions on their friend code nonsense. Finally, someone else gets it, too.

There have also been rumors of a possible Chrono Trigger sequel, but Tanaka quickly shot those down: the staff isn't available. Getting the original creative team together for a new installment would be a difficult proposal, and Tanaka speculated a more viable option would be a virtual console release of the SNES classic. Right now, there's a 50/50 chance that could happen -- it simply depends on copyright issues, apparently.

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