Crash: How PlayStation's Answer to Mario Became His Own Bandicoot

Did you know Crash Bandicoot was originally going to be more like Uncharted? IGN chats to the marsupial's co-creator alongside Crash 4's art director on his evolution.

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Sonic-and-Crash535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Mega fault from Sony there....Either that didnt buy the franchise back when its value was at lowest point because Activision s inability to make games, either that they gave almost for free the original blueprints of the first 3 Crash Bandicoot games (+CTR which are still Sony/ND' s property) in order the mediocre remakes to be developped without being exclusives for PS4 ..

...Sony underestimated the power of Crash bandicoot and when they started to understand its value (because of the negative fan reaction on Playstation All Stars where CB was absent ) it was too late .
..Also they r rumors that there was a deal with Activision to buy it back but when Activision saw the huge hype created by the possible return of Crash on PS they broke the deal

neomahi535d ago

It's not PlayStations mascot. Universal opted to sell their assets and the rest is history. Crash has appeared on competing consoles, and Microsoft loves it but you haven't seen Mario or Master Chief on PlayStation or Nintendo hardware, though is was rumored at one point The Master Chief Collection was going to launch on the Switch just to try and invade enemy territory to build up hype for Halo Infinite only for consumers to then realize if they wanted to play the new game they had to get Microsoft hardware but still make money off a fizzled set of games no longer making money on Xbox, kind of like what Sony are doing with Death Stranding and Horizon: Zero Dawn, except the problem with that is Day 1 sales, like console exclusives, fans now know if they wait a year and play the current list of exclusives to entertain them long enough, after a year they can play it on their console of choice.