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Dan Reichart writes: "It had been 7 years to get the follow up to TLOU and this was absolutely worth the wait. The leaps that Naughty Dog took with the story makes you feel almost every emotion you have ever felt in your life. It was hard to put this game down sometimes because I was always wanting to know what was around the next corner.

I am also super impressed that Naughty Dog did so many things to make this game accesibile to anyone that wanted to experience it. I love that we are seeing more and more studios doing this and Naughty Dog knocked it out of the park with their effort.

Also, just remember, this is only a game. It’s fine to not like it because you didn't care for the story and such, but to hate it for sexual preferences of certain characters, or other outlandish things, is ridiculous. If you find yourself getting frustrated, you could always go to your closest driving range and work on that short game. Enjoy."

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SullysCigar540d ago

Nice to see 10/10's still rolling in for the awesome game. Glad the reviewer enjoyed it too!

SonyStyled540d ago

The games a masterpiece. Even though there’s moments that are heavy hearted and really mess with the players emotions, it’s excellent writing. I had tears in Part 1, I had tears in Part 2. It’s a cruel world that cordyceps brought humanity. A hard world it is. A quote “I know you wish things were different. I wish things were different, but they ain’t.” Thats the world. It’s called The Last of Us for a reason. It takes some understanding