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Ghost of Tsushima is a gorgeous game that has Sucker Punch taking its shot at telling its own samurai story. The combat feels great; and you have a lot of freedom when it comes to building up Jin. It’s simply a stunning way to say goodbye to the PS4.

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FlavorLav01322d ago

Completely deserving of the high praise. The quality here definitely makes me ponder what is on the horizon for SP. They’ve proven themselves here more than capable of making a top-quality new IP. Where to next for this badass team?

ApocalypseShadow322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Don't know about you, but how awesome Ghost of Tsushima is, I'd take a martial arts adventure next set in Japan, China, wherever. With a similar minimalism style and stand offs.

An Ip Man Game. A Bruce Lee game. Or both in the same game and make it generational over time. That leads into Bruce Lee's movies and fight scenes.

If not, and they can't get the license from the families, then an original adventure like Ghost. And on PS5, it would be ridiculously awesome of a game coming from Sucker Punch.

GreatSako2020322d ago

GoT turned out much better than I expected. Actually, all the videos and presentations by Sony didn't manage to show how beautiful this game is.

yeahokwhatever321d ago

I'm definitely not saying goodbye to the PS4. Cuphead just came out. So much more to play. Dreams just got VR. shoooooooot