U.S. weekly chart of best selling video games: Week of July 25, 2020

U.S. top 10 of best selling wholesale video games, week ending on July 25, 2020, Ghost of Tsushima retains the top of the US physical charts.

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Hakuoro220d ago

#1 and #3 Ghost and TLOU 2. Not bad at all, fantastic close to the generation. Sony has made a strong statement about it's commitment to games with these two final year releases.

stuna1220d ago

At this point Sony will have all the momentum going into next gen and if rumors are true about the next God of War and Silent Hill being announced, Microsoft might as well buy themselves a coffin, dig the grave, and cover themselves up!

Hakuoro220d ago

I think it's funny when people try to claim Sony isn't going to have next gen games or something...

They can have their 360 graphics 10 year plan GaaS MTX filled Halo, I'm sticking with Sony.

GamingSinceForever220d ago

We already know for a fact that at least one of the two is coming so not sure an announcement suddenly changes anything. The Next GOW will be out by end of 2021.

220d ago
kreate219d ago

I'm so glad Sony did not abandon single player games in a MP gaming world full of microtransactions.

stuna1219d ago


I totally agree! Not saying there's anything wrong with multiplayer games. I just think multiplayer games are going in the wrong direction with the excessive MT's, and looking at Microsoft with Halo I see it really being detrimental to the industry as a whole.

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220d ago
TeamIcoFan220d ago

Oh hey, TLOU2 is still selling well!
I thought because it suddenly dropped 80% it was a failure and would flop?

Gianoni33220d ago

Yes, over after a month!!! Love this game, finished two weeks ago and it's still in my mind. Can't play anything since then (pitty Xenoblane Chrinicles, great gme, but it's not TLOU2...)

East76lands220d ago

It was the same with me, but then I decided to jump back a couple of generations and start a play through of the original Killzone games and I'm actually really enjoying them.

oasdada220d ago

Same here bro! Ever since ive finised tlou2 i just dont feel like playing any game seeing any movie or tv show all i want is just talk about about the game who ever finishes it.. such a masterpiece

Knushwood Butt220d ago

I kind of have this too. Fired up the first 30 mins of GoT but am just not in the mood for it.

I've been playing GTSport ever since I beat TLOU2. Completely different genre.

TheKingKratos220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Playing any game after TLOU2 just feel wrong

I can't enjoy anything even if i try ... i got the plat for it and still wants more of it

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potatoseal220d ago

Makes you just smile big and wide doesn't it?

People like Angry Joe explained away the 'record' 4.2 million sold in 3 days' by saying, "well it dropped 80%". Can't wait till Sony give the next sales update for Last Of Us part 2 and see his stupid face then.

-Foxtrot220d ago

Say what you want but Joes critical take on the game was way more honest then a lot of other “perfect” reviews and he gave the first game a 10 which only a few games have gotten

pwnmaster3000220d ago

Yeah I lost respect for For a couple of YouTubers, because of that. I get you don’t like the game, yeah voice your opinion and move on, but some of them were making several video’s and finding every little thing to make it seem like LOU2 was failing. Pretty sad.

TeamIcoFan220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Counting digital units, as well as physical copies, TLOU2 is close, if not already over 7 million copies sold.
Of course, they'll retort with that digital sales don't matter and part 1's physical sales is higher.

morganfell220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Joe’s review is also like him, dishonest. I am not saying he doesn’t necessarily feel somewhat like that but that review is also crafted and this is coming from me, someone that does not care for TLOU2. He is trying to get back some momentum after his Anita support and a few other idiotic moments. Somehow I think two years ago his take on the game would have been different. He has a shtick for profit and I just don’t sense an honest gamer in him.

RazzerRedux220d ago (Edited 220d ago )


"was way more honest"

No more or less "honest" than any other review out there. Kind of baffling that you see "honesty" simply because it is an opinion you agree with.

potatoseal220d ago

@ Foxtrot, dude, Joe played the game alongside 2 of his freinds. They took turns. They made jokes along the whole playthrough, AND they played on a LIVE STREAM of thousands of people.

Listen man, Joe's take on the game is garbage. Pure garbage. You can't play a game like that with 3 people making jokes and playing in front of thoudands on a stream..... at the very least, you can't get an accurate take on the game from them at all.

You dislike the game, I understand that, it's better to respect the opinion of someone like SkillUp than Angry Joe. But Skillup said he didn't like the first game, so obviously he wasn't going to like the 2nd game either.

People like you are saying that the Vast Majority of reviewers are fake or something. It's such a cop out. The fact is, the majority of people liked the game. User reviews scores of 10's and 0's are worthless and wouldn't hold up in any court of opinion.

Redemption-64220d ago


"was way more honest

Please, the only reason you consider it honest is because, his opinion lines up with yours. If AJ or skillup gave the game a good rating, I will bet my life saved you will never call them honest. Seriously, move on

Army_of_Darkness220d ago

I lost trust in AJ when I saw his review score for tlou2... Like seriously?? A game of that caliber is at least a couple points higher than what he gave it, even though he may not like the outcome of the story. Everything else was top notch!

OB1Biker219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

AJ made very good points in his review. I dont even like his approach to reviews. What you are saying doesnt sound he said any thing false? % may not mean much but it's not false? No reason to be upset.

Good-Smurf219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

When he constantly cut off his own friends in the latest livestream I'm done with Joe.
I know it's his show but why invite your friends just to cut them off time after time?
This guy is a dick and it takes his audience or their view count for him to realize and apologize.

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LucasRuinedChildhood220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

The narrative that TheQuarterPounder and others pushed was extremely dishonest. That ~80% drop is about the same as Uncharted 4's second week drop. It's well known that AAA games are typically very front-loaded when it comes to sales.

The response to this game really has revealed the people who are manipulative and/or too incompetent to carry out some basic research. While I can watch someone like SkillUp who simply dislikes the game but is still honest, I cannot watch AngryJoe anymore. If IGN or any other outlet reviewed TLOU2 the way he did, they would have gotten the piss taken out of 'em for months.

cesar4219d ago

Yea, their idiots they don’t realize if you sell 4+ million an 80% drop is still around 1 million copies in your second week.

kayoss220d ago

There will always be a subset of people who hates the game. This is natural because games are subjective just like food. Some people will say its the best game ever made and there will be some who will say it was the worst game ever made. But you have a handful out there who are just plain bias and will review the game with that bias in mind. This is why i dont take game reviews seriously. I will play the game regardless of the reviews (if the game interest me), then i will give my own critiques of the game (which will be of my own opinion, of course).
So dont let a good or bad review deter you from playing a game that initially interest you because you might do yourself a disservice by missing out on a good video game experience.

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B_Rian89220d ago

I really didn't think this game would sell so well. 2.4 mil in the first 3 days is incredible

SamPao220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

You got the numbers turned around 4.2mil

Oh wait. You mean ghost? Guess then you are right

PSX-94220d ago

Thank you Sony, 1st party devs and the players for making these games awesome, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

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