Beautiful Halo Infinite-Inspired Creation Made in Dreams for PS4

After watching the first-ever Halo Infinite gameplay during Microsoft's Xbox Game Showcase last week, one Halo fan decided to bring the shooter to PlayStation via Dreams.

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crazyCoconuts178d ago

That is so cool. Amazing what people can do with Dreams

chrisx178d ago

Which is amazing because this actually looks better than halo infinite.

rainslacker178d ago

Yeah, some of these things coming out look so much more impressive than the marketing stuff they've done with it which tends to look more cartoony. Dreams is really a great game engine and creation suite. If they made it more robust for the professional, I think it could actually be a well respected professional engine that Sony could distribute.

Tech5178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

next they should recreate this guy in dreams and out do his mo-cap.
i'm pretty sure that will be very easy to do.

Mr Pumblechook177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

A troll headline that borders on the genius level, LOL!!

bouzebbal177d ago

Lmao definitely looks better

sprinterboy177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Noah cyrus joined up with Dreams/Sony and other artist from around the world after she couldn't do her music video due to covid19.
Its an amazing music video all done in dreams with people coming together to make her vision come true.
Worth a watch on YouTube

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spicelicka178d ago

People do some crazy things!

Here is Halo Infinite in Halo 5 forge!

178d ago
gamer7804178d ago

nice work, I'd love to see a realistic take on halo, I know its not its style but it would be cool.

UnSelf178d ago

this looks better than Halo 5

medman177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

I concur.

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stuna1178d ago

Lol it's beautiful, but embarrassing at the same time! A better conceptualized vision of a game being made in a game of a competitors current generation console, that looks better than the next gen version coming to the console it built to be on!? What the hell is wrong with this picture?!!!!!!!!!

morganfell178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

It is an indictment. A game inside a game on a competitor's current gen console shows far more promise than it does on its home console as the flagship title of that company. Nadella should take one look at that and say Phil pack your bags and you can take Bonnie Ross with you when you leave.

-Foxtrot178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

I wonder what you could do with a team full of people like this and the 500 million Halo Infinite is getting

Hell...even half of the team / money

cell989178d ago

Goes to show what the hell are they exactly spending all that budget on lol

jukins178d ago

Phil is out im convinced after 2021 if xbox doesn't move the needle

Ausbo178d ago

You want Phil fired because halos graphics don’t look next gen.


morganfell178d ago

"You want Phil fired because halos graphics don’t look next gen."

If you think that is the extent of his mismanagement then you are the one about which people should be saying "Wow".

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sprinterboy177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

The dreams creator was also honest, with the footage is still in development at the start
Not like MS who knew it was the finished game they were gonna release and because of the backlash now say its still in development, early footage lol.

177d ago
medman177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

You speak as if you have no clue that there was zero animation in the environment shown in the Halo Infinite demo. The trees were as stiff as could movement whatsoever. Worst still, the grass was clipping and culled directly in front of the players movement, pop in everywhere, flat textures, and who can forget Craig the brute. Worst. Demo. Ever. Microsoft games studios are more effective at generating memes at this point than they are at creating games.

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Destiny1080178d ago

Just the Title menu alone, has more creativity then that entire halo demo

GamerRN177d ago

The title looked good. Everything else... Well it runs at 30fps with no AI no enemies or gameplay engine just walking around a 3D space. It's a little better looking but mostly the lighting

stuna1177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

You're still not getting it! Everything you said might be true. The statement being made is this a demo or re-imagining of Halo inside of dreams which is on current generation PS4 Pro looks extraordinarily better than the game looks on next gen Xbox series X or PC equivalent! That is the point being made.

GamerRN176d ago


Actually I don't think you get it. It's a tiny nap dement already running at half the framerate. Yeah, it definitely looks good. But not only is it not a full game, but it's not even a full level. All of those things impact a game. AI, gameplay elements, features, enemies, all of those things effect framerate. You add any of that to that little tiny demo and it would barely run...

But, i still agree, it was a cute lil demo

-Foxtrot178d ago

For not even being a week since Halo Infinite was shown off, they've done pretty well in such a short time.

ClayRules2012178d ago

They most definitely have. I applaud them!

TeamIcoFan178d ago

That moment when a fan made project in a ps4 game looks better than an actual next gen title.

ClayRules2012178d ago

Haha, right. This fan did a great job. It’s baffling, but also just goes to show you what patience, creativity, and the will to actually make something with genuine care will get you.

Microsoft & 343, i don’t know, but i would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall during that whole conversation about where to take the series and how they were going to push “Next Gen” etc...because what they showed off last just proves again “Having the most powerful console in the world” as “Phil Spencer” loves to hear himself say, means nothing, especially when your first party studios produce results like this for their Next Gen conosole thar are inferior to games such as Sony’s juggernaut/masterpiece games to end the generation like TLoU2/GOT.

jwillj2k4178d ago

I guarantee you “Pushing next gen” was never said in that conversation.

“How can we increase revenue” on the other hand....

Vegamyster177d ago

Halo Infinite isn't an amazing looking game but suggesting this incredibly blurry video with nothing going on in it looks better is laughable.

Army_of_Darkness177d ago


But this does look better... And that's even more laughable!

rainslacker177d ago

No one's suggesting that it looks better. They're asserting quite firmly that it looks better.

Vegamyster177d ago


Only on N4G could a video which looks like it's 360p be praised for looking better than another game because its not on there preferred platform.


Which makes it worse but thanks for pointing that out lol.

ClayRules2012177d ago


Very well said. Sounds more like how that conversation went.

172d ago
Vegamyster172d ago


I didn't realize a 40 second demo someone made with no enemies, particle effects, combat, exploration, map, character animations was so full of detail, especially considering it's so blurry you can't even see what details that are there.

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