Are Halo Infinite, Forza And ExoMecha Perfect Representations of the Xbox Series X’s Power?

Is the Xbox Series X being pushed hard enough?

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darthv72319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Obviously not for Halo as it is a cross gen game and started out initially for the base XBO. Forza could be as it is not a cross gen game. But there wasnt any gameplay shown so only time will tell. Exomecha looks interesting but one thing to keep in mind is games released at the beginning of a new hardware gen 'never' fully push the hardware and we tend to see the best ones that do mid way or towards the end of the gen. By then the devs figure out what can and cant work (and ways to make it work regardless).

chrisx319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

If any game deserved to show a good representation of the X's power it should have been Halo or some new exciting looking IP. Ms looks so relaxed they're not looking as energized as they should be and give Sony a great competition. It's mostly about the Gaas model it seems.

UltraNova319d ago

Killzone Shadowfall (a 2013 launch game) still looks better than most shooters released today, including Halo Infinite.

It's not only about money or hardware specs...its also about dev team talent and art direction.

AngainorG7X319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Forza only I'd say, basically to be fair EVERYTHING except Halo Infinte

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ApocalypseShadow319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Nope. Not yet. Representations of possibly, fun games. But not of power. Halo didn't have that magic or that media sensation as when gamers saw the first, REAL gameplay video of Killzone 2. That was a wow moment the media talked about for weeks.
It was dark, gritty and had destructible background objects. The media loved it. Halo is getting the opposite effect. Dogged for its graphics.

Forza should at least look good based on using photogrammetry. I know they'll use that a lot. Turn 10 just needs to lose the arcade style and go for a more simulator approach. Might give GT a real competition. When the FIA ignores you, you know you haven't reached the driving summit yet.

Exomecha looks exciting. Had to go look up the video. Like I was watching Transformers or something. But definitely not 12 teraflops of power.

Looks like we are going to have to wait to see the system's potential and by what developer. And I'm being nice.

This would have been a perfect time for Microsoft to have paid Epic to make their two demos a reality in a game. The Samaritan and Infiltrator.

Those would have been Microsoft Game Presentation Mic drops and where the 500 million should have went. Instead of the Mic slipping out of their hand and shattering into pieces like glass that Halo did.

Futureshark318d ago

A real missed opportunity to show all the bells, whistles and effects that the Series X can do.

Instead we got a mediocre visualisation from a PC build that has created a new series of memes and is now the laughing stock of the internet.

Could have made a huge impression and really showed people what was coming, but instead it just looks like more average Gamepass fodder with an apparent GaaS plan on the top to keep people buying. Shame.