Halo Infinite Multiplayer Is Coming On Launch Day, Despite Rumors

Rumors of Halo Infinite only launching with the campaign are not true, 343 Industries says.

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morganfell1394d ago

That's great Brian but the question I have seen most is how much is shipping. How much of the campaign and how much of the multiplayer.

execution171394d ago

Pretty sad if its not much considering the 5 year development time

spicelicka1394d ago

The only thing disappointing is the graphics. Other than that there is nothing revealed that is disappointing. The campaign is 2-3 bigger than Halo 4/5 combined. It has vast open world missions. There is split-screen and multiplayer is confirmed day 1. Let's wait and see what they reveal.

1394d ago
Bruh1394d ago


Eww you judge games on more than their graphics? Get outta here

crazyCoconuts1394d ago

I have no idea one way or another but there are a few things that make me suspect (as others have said) that this is going to be episodic:
1. It's called Infinite
2. Might be fewer people $1 GamePassing Halo if all you get is the first episode
3. The game looks like maybe it's not as far along as we'd think

morganfell1394d ago

MS should know going this route that, if it is a full campaign it had better be a decent length. If it is short they are going to take a beating and deservedly so because it means they cut content to sell later. If it is short and they later give additional content free it is still does not bode well because it amounts to pushing out a short game after all of the time they have used to build this title. A game at launch isn't judged on the patches and additional material promised later. Otherwise its like having Wimpy from Popeye running the publishing company.

crazyCoconuts1394d ago

I don't know, I don't like it much either but it seems to line up. Episodic content is perfect for the GamePass strategy - gives you incentive to stay on. I can see that flying in the board room. You'd probably get 1st "season" with the $60 purchase. It wouldn't be catastrophic - they could probably make it work

crazyCoconuts1394d ago

Er... I think I'm taking this back. Just read an interview from one of their guys: "The campaign in Halo Infinite is the most ambitious campaign we have ever created in a Halo game."
Created past tense. If it were episodic they'd say creating. Assuming they're being honest, I'd expect a full campaign day 1.

morganfell1394d ago

"The campaign in Halo Infinite is the most ambitious campaign we have ever created in a Halo game."

First of all that is no assurance whatsoever that it isn't episodic. It also does not speak to the length in any way, shape, or form. Plenty of ambitious games were short. Episodic release might been seen by some as a more ambitious undertaking.

Add to this everyone related to the project, from the top down has been so honest from day one, right? Remember, this is the same company that said the demo was polished. But that's a matter of perspective right? Concerning framerates that would be true. Everything else? Hardly.

Zeref1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

It's going to have campaign "DLC" so to speak.

But every one of them is going to have it's own beginning middle and end from what they've said.
basically each being their own campaign.

Sounds pretty cool to me.

Maybe for the first one it's gonna finish the Reclaimer saga campaign. And then there's gonna be a "What happened to Locke" campaign and after that an ODST horror-style campaign or an Arbiter campaign that takes place on Sanghelios or a Born Stellar campaign! The possibilities!

They have the chance to make something incredible if they nail it and don't make the campaigns feel too much like DLC.

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Vgdesign841394d ago

I feel like the MP will have to be killer. Open world halo is a cool idea but it is what fans have been asking for? This games fan base was created by awesome multiplayer sessions. Again 4 player split screen local play is cool but who plays multiplayer like that these days? almost no one. so that kind of comes off as wasted time.

McToasty20771394d ago

I’ve played Halo campaigns split screen with my bro since we first got our Xbox back in 03, to date Halo 5 is the only Halo campaign I’ve not completed on account of the lack of split screen.

A lot of people might not utilise it but those of us who do love it, my girlfriend never complained about me fixating on Borderlands 2 & 3 because I was playing it with her (she’s not good at it but that’s fine).

Ausbo1394d ago

So much fake news going around. The fanboys were out in full force spreading rumors of fable being an MMO and halo not shipping multiplayer.

As if the Craig meme wasn’t enough. It’s sad really

Zeref1394d ago

The craig meme is hilarious though. PS fanboys were using it to bash Xbox but the halo community turned it around lmfao.

Ausbo1393d ago

Yeah I’m excited for halo because the gameplay looks great, but yeah they need to work on those visuals.

The Craig stuff is hilarious, but I doubt 343 is laughing

Zeref1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

343 are literally the ones that named him craig lol.

But yeah they are taking the feedback seriously.

King_Noctis1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Now I hope both Halo and Fable shatter expectations (Fable have a much higher chance than Halo though). I really want to see what excuses and downplays these fanboys would have then.

McToasty20771394d ago

Infinite looks way better than 4/5 to me, but come on Craig meme is pretty good

AuraAbjure1394d ago

Most likely going to be sick. Better than 5.

Sitdown1394d ago

The question becomes, what's the launch date though? Was the backlash big enough to force a delay? Could we see a Sea of Thieves vs a Crackdown 3 scenario? Or are people just overreacting?

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Tacoboto1394d ago

It's going to be August. This thing's launching November at the latest and they need some good hype.

Our beta was canceled. How is it three months out and they can't even show us a single map, match, heck even a screenshot of the multiplayer mode? This thing was supposed to have a beta! We know covid struck but they are sooner embracing Craig mocking them than they are showing off the one piece of the game that we were told we'd be able to actually play...

RamRod881394d ago

It's been less than a week since the demo reveal. They already said they are going to be showing off multiplayer soon.