Mortal Kombat 11 Roadmap 2020 for Aftermath Skins Packs Revealed

Warner Bros and NetherRealms Studios have officially revealed the Mortal Kombat 11 roadmap 2020 for the remaining Aftermath DLC skin packs.

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Iamnothuman1262d ago

Patiently waiting for complete version

KyRo62d ago

I'm waiting for Tekken 7 to do that too. I will not pay money for extra fighters when we used to simply unlock them.


Roadmap for a DLC’s skin pack?

Lol. I used to be the biggest MK fan I know. Seeing this series take a nose dive with all these stupid currencies and DLC mechanisms and schedules has been exhausting. Pretty sure I lost most faith with the mess of a release that was MK10, but at this point it’s just about using the game to drive DLC sales.