Halo Infinite Looks ‘Fine’ And That Is Inexcusable

"We’ve convinced ourselves that power is more important than talent. The truth is that all power in the Series X is meaningless if you don’t have the talent to back it up.”

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The_Sage260d ago

I would say, it looks like a 360 game, and that's not fine... Otherwise I agree.

260d ago
moriarty1889260d ago

it was originally built for the xbox one so that would explain the graphics being dated. it will only be enhanced for the xsx. same stuff they did with the x enhanced games for the one x.

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Mister_Wolf260d ago

There are some leaks out there that the game has been in development he’ll. The 343 studio is all over the place.

kryteris260d ago

ray tracing could clean it up though that would be for xgen and 2080ti's.

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